Milk Chocolate Ganache


Milk Chocolate Ganache is a mixture of Chocolate and table cream melted and mixed together and used as glaze, filling or for pipping cakes and cupcakes. It is also used for making Truffles or used as filling for chocolates, depending upon the consistency.

The consistency and its use depend upon the chocolate to cream ratio. An equal amount of chocolate and cream is ideal to be used as the glaze. It is poured over cakes for a smooth finish. For using it as whipped filling, just whip the ganache-like we whip heavy cream. Don’t keep it in refrigerator or freezer before whipping, as it may get curdle. For using it for pipping on cakes and cupcakes, let it cool and set. Always let the ganache cool at room temperature.

For making the Chocolate Truffles, you can use more percentage of chocolate, let it cool at room temperature and then refrigerate it for a couple of hours or overnight.


Table Cream*–225 ml

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or Milk Chocolate–225 g

In India, use Fresh Amul Cream for making ganache.


Chop Chocolate into fine pieces( if using Chocolate) or take chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl.

Heat cream in a heavy-bottomed saucepan or microwave it, until it begins to bubble.

Carefully pour the cream on the chocolate/chocolate chips and let it stand for few minutes.

Mix it carefully until all the chocolate is melted and mixed.

Flavor with essence as required. Flavors to ganache can also be added at the time of heating the cream. Will be covering this part in a separate post.

If using as a glaze, pour when it is still warm over cake or cupcake. Add some butter around a tbsp to hot ganache while mixing, it gives a nice shine to the glaze.

For using as frosting or pipping or making truffles, let the ganache cool and set.

Use as required.

Images below show ganache used as the glazed frosting on the cake and piped icing on a cupcake.

Chocolate Cake frosted with Milk Chocolate Flavored Ganache


Piped Ganache on a cupcake

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Will be posting many more recipes for cakes, truffle, and mousse that use ganache. Keep visiting the blog for more such recipes.

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