Aloo Kulche

Aloo Kulcha with Chatpatte Channe

Kulcha is an Indian flatbread,  popular mostly in northern states of Delhi, Punjab, parts of Western U.P and Haryana and not only among the Punjabis as popularly known to many. The crispy Kulchas are the best combinations with Chole after Bhaturas. Kulchas are made of Maida (All Purpose flour), leavened with yogurt and baking powder, kneaded with water or with milk and cooked in clay oven-tandoor.

Amristari Kulchas are the most popular of all, though there is no special recipe for ‘Amritsari Kulche’ just it got popular from the city of Amritsar!!  Stuffed Kulchas can be thought of as a cross between Naans and Paranthas!! Many stuffed variations are made nowadays with lots of fillings mashed potatoes/crumbled paneer with onion or filling of grated vegetables like cauliflower with garam masala and chaat masala powder, fresh coriander leaves. Dry Anardana or pomegranate seeds are also added in Aloo Kulcha to enhance the flavor and give it a unique taste.

Preparing kulchas at home is also very easy even if you don’t have clay ovens(tandoor), you can make it in ovens or on gas stove tops. Just knead the dough with the required ingredients, give it some resting time, divide into equal portions, roll the individual portions and bake it. Layering the portion with 2-3 times with butter and flour and folding and cooking on the low flame is the trick to get the unique crispy or karara Kulcha as cooked in tandoors.

Stuffed Aloo Kulcha is one of our favorite brunch items on weekends. Make and enjoy with butter, pickle, raita (yogurt dip), or even plain yogurt or Chole Masala!!

Let’s get to the recipes for plain Kulcha and stuffed Aloo Kulcha.


Whole Wheat flour/ Atta—- 200gms

Yogurt—2 Tbsp

Baking Powder— 1/2 Tsp

Sugar— 1/4 Tsp

Salt——1 Tsp

Water/Milk(for kneading)— 100 ml (can vary as per the flour used)

Oil/Butter—- 2-3 Tbsp

Butter for topping kulchas

For Aloo/Potato Filling

Boiled Potatoes–2-3 Medium

Finely chopped Onions–1-2 Tbsp

Chopped Fresh Coriander–2 Tbsp

Green Chillies (chopped)– 1-2

Kasuri Methi/ Dry Fenugreek Leaves–2-3 Tsp

Coriander Powder–2 Tbsp

Cumin Powder–1 Tbsp

Chaat Masala–1-2 Tsp

Red Chilli Powder–1 Tsp

Anardana/Dry Pomegranate Powder–1 Tsp

Salt as per taste


Please refer to the pics attached at the end of instruction, move the cursor or click on the image for caption. Some of the images are missing, got accidentally deleted, will update those pics soon.

Make Dough:

Sieve together whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar together. You can also make kulchas using maida/all-purpose instead of whole wheat flour or take 1:1 proportion of the two.

Add in yogurt and some oil and start mixing with flour.

Make a well in the center and start kneading the dough adding water/milk. You will get a sticky dough.

Leave the dough for 5 mins, and add a tbsp oil or butter, transfer dough on the well-floured surface and start kneading the dough. Knead it well for 5-6 mins till you get a soft and pliable dough. (Image for this step is missing below, will update soon)

Oil well a large bowl or container, keep the dough covered with a damp towel or cling film and leave it in a warm place for 2-3 hrs.

After 2-3 hrs, the dough will rise, you can use the dough straight away or can keep covered in the refrigerator for use.

Make  Filling:

Mash potatoes and add chopped onions, green chillies and all the dry spices. Mix well and make the filling.

Make individual portions of filling as per the size of the kulcha required.

Make Kulchas

When ready to use divide the dough into equal portions. Flatten each portion with hand, apply some butter on it and seal it. Likewise, repeat the step for all the portions. Layering with butter gives you really crispy kulchas. You can skip this step if you want to avoid butter.

Roll one portion of the dough, place a portion of aloo filling on it and seal the dough.

Roll a little with rolling pin or you can flatten it with hand.

Meanwhile a griddle or tawa, and place the rolled/flattened kulcha on the griddle. (Image missing, will soon be updated)

I have induction type stove top, so I cooked one side on the griddle and cooked the other side on mash that is used for cooking chapatis.

For the other stove tops, keep the tawa inverted, after rolling put water on one side and put that side on the tawa. Cook it on medium heat. Kulcha will stick to the tawa, for cooking the top side, turn the other side towards the flame and cook it. If the Kulcha fells of the tawa, u can use tongs to hold it.

Once done, apply butter and sprinkle some kasuri methi/dry fenugreek leaves on it and serve it with the side dish of your choice like Pindi Channa, Channa Masala,plain curd/yogurt or any raita(Mix Veg Raita).

Aloo Kulche

I made Chatpatte Kale Channe with it and kulchas tasted delicious just as with Chole Masala!!

Do make these stuffed kulchas for your weekend breakfast/brunch and enjoy with your loved ones.

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