Makkai Methi Mooli Parantha

Makkai Methi Mooli Parantha recipe | Winter special Cornmeal flatbread recipe, with Diakon Radish and fresh Fenugreek Leaves

MAkkai Methi Mooli Parantha

One of my favourite, nutritious flatbread that we love to have it with plain yogurt and pickle/chutney.

Makkai Methi Mooli Ka Parantha is a variation of Makkai Ki Roti with added goodness of Daikon Radish and fresh Fenugreek Leaves. It is specially consumed for breakfast along with plain yogurt or Lassi and pickles like mixed vegetable pickle, mango pickle. This protein rich flatbread is a wholesome meal in itself. You can always serve it with  any Saag, Aloo Matar or even with Dal Makhani along with it.

Winter Special Makkai Ka Atta, Mooli and Methi 

In India especially in Northern parts especially Punjab/Haryana/U.P/Delhi, Makkai(read Makkai Ka Atta) or Cornmeal is used to make the famous flatbread Makkai Ki Roti. It is relished with special winter green curry or Saag(Sarson ka Saag).

Radish or Diakon Radish is a very popular winter vegetable used in South Asian countries like India, Korea and Japan. Mooli Ke Paranthe is a famous flatbread made with grated Radish, stuffed in flatbread, just like the famous Aloo Parantha or Paneer Ke Paranthe(Palak Paneer Paneer Paranatha). It is also consumed as salad with squeezed lemon juice and baclk salt or as stir-fry along with radish leaves(Mooli Ke Patton ki Subzi/Bhaji).

Fenugreek Leaves are Fresh Methi leaves and available during winters. Rich in iron and other minerals these are used in making paratha(methi parantha),poori(Bajra Methi Poori) side dishes like Gajar Mooli Methi ki Subzi(Carrot, Potato and Fenugreek stir-fry) or Aloo Methi. Snacks like Mathri(Indian Crackers), Makki Methi ka Dabera, Methi ke Pakore, and many more.

Points to keep in mind to roll prefect paranthas

Makkai or Cornmeal is a gluten-free flour. So, it is little difficult to knead  and then roll the dough like whole wheat  or all purpose flour. If you are not perfect in kneading Makkai ka atta/cornmeal, then you can add 1/2 cup of atta/whole wheat flour to it. It makes the dough manageable. You can try rolling the dough between parchment paper or a zip-lock bag.

Grated radish and finely chopped fenugreek, leave water when mixed with salt and spices.  So, another thing  to keep in mind is to squeeze the water properly from grated radish.

And,make dough when you are ready to roll and cook parantha.

If you are staying out of India, use the cornmeal available at Indian stores, Diakon radish is availabe at Indian grocerry stores and Whole Foods.

Let’s see now how to make Makkai Mooli Methi Parantha



Mix both the flours with all the ingredients and make dough. As radish and fenugreek leave water, do not add water initially. First mix everything and then add water if required.

Divide dough into equal portions and roll out carefully into circular disc. Refer pics below.

Heat a griddle and shallow fry parantha from both sides in ghee or oil. Use any flavorless plant based oil like Olive oil, rice bran oil.

Makkai Methi Mooli Parantha recipe | Winter special Cornmeal flatbread recipe, with Diakon Radish and fresh Fenugreek Leaves

Do try these nutritious and delicious breads. Some plain yogurt or  any pickle if perfect with it. My younger one sometimes like to have jam(my Raspberry Jam or Mixed Fruit Jam) with it.

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