Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

Bajra Roti with Green Garlic | How to make Bajra/Pearl Millet Flour Flatbread with Spring Garlic

Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

Gluten-free Healthy Bajra Roti, nutritious flatbread from Indian Cuisine with goodness of Green Garlic/Spring Garlic

Iron and protein rich Pearl Millet roti are not only nutritious but also taste yumm smeared in Desi Ghee and paired with a spicy chutney and jaggery. You can serve it for breakfast or for lunch with a dal/lentil or a spicy curry.

Bajra Flour and it’s benefits

Millets are a healthy alternative to Wheat Flour especially for those who have gluten-allergy.

Bajra Flour is Gluten-free Flour, and has very low GI index, which makes it diabetic friendly.

Bajra is Pearl Millet and is very popularly used in North Indian states (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh) especially in winter. As per Ayurveda, Bajra has body heating properties so it is mainly used in winter months. We make Bajra Khichdi, Bajra Poori and now you can use it in baking along with other millet flours or even whole wheat four(if there are no gluten allergies).

During cold winter months, I add a some bajra flour along with whole wheat in Chapati dough. Kids do not like the texture of chapatis/parathas made only with bajra flour so I make it in combination. But I totally relish only Bajra Flour chapatis and always add some greens to it.

Word of Caution–

Bajra/Peral Millet Flour can be a bit heavy on stomach for some and can cause digestion problems and dryness of stomach. So consume it if you are used to it or consult your nutritionist before starting it. These days due to health awareness people have started experimenting with all kind of flours/ingredients on the name of trying out the healthy stuff. But we need to understand that each body type is different and has different digestion and metabolic system. So we should consume the new ingredients after detailed knowledge of after consulting some professional nutritionist or ayurvedic consultant.

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Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

Green Garlic or Spring Garlic is abundantly availabe in Northern part of India especially in winter months. Green Garlic or Spring Garlic is not any exotic veggie as it sounds, but it is the fresh garlic harvested with green stalks and bulb. It is harvested when the plant sprouts out and the bulb is undivided in cloves. You can find green garlic in Farmer’s market  .

Green Garlic may look like the Spring Onion but there is huge difference in both the herbs. Spring Garlic bulbs are much smaller in size than the spring onion. Also the green stalks of Spring Onion are a bit wider than the Spring Garlic. And also, Green Garlic has a mild garlic aroma.

You can use green garlic in almost any recipe that where you add garlic. It has a subtle milder taste than garlic clove so you need to add a bit more in the recipe.

I love to add green garlic in noodles, stir frys and  Chinese style Vegetable(Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce) and stir fried Rice(Burnt Garlic and Mushroom Fried Rice). Add green garlic the same way as we add spring onion in dishes.

Ingredients for Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

Bajra Flour/Pearl Millet Flour if you want it gluten-free. You may add half of whole wheat flour also if you don’t have any gluten allergies. Apart from Whole Wheat Flour you can also add other millet flours like Makkai Atta, Ragi and Jowar Atta for multigrain roti/chapati.

Here in the recipe I have not used any other flour other than Bajra Flour. It is a bit tricky to knead and then roll only Bajra Flour dough as it has no gluten in it. This makes the dough very sticky and it breaks or tears away while rolling.

Other than Green Garlic , you can also add spring onion greens,  finely chopped methi/fenugreek leaves or fresh cilantro leaves. Any fresh herb used in dough adds on to the flavour in chapati.

Other– Salt, caraway Seeds/ajwain and oil/desi ghee.

Detailed Ingredients and Steps in Recipe Card

Steps to make Bajra Roti

Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

Bajra Roti Recipe with Green Garlic | How to make Pearl Millets Flour Chapati with Green Garlic
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Breakfast, Main
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 Chapatis


  • Griddle to cook Chapati
  • Mixing Bowl


  • 1 Cup Bajra Atta
  • ½ Cup Chopped Green Garlic (both Bulb and Stalks)
  • 1 tsp Salt or as required
  • 1-2 tbsp Desi Ghee or Oil
  • 1 Cup Hot Water for kneading dough


  • Take Bajra Flour in a mixing bowl.
  • Add salt, chopped green garlic and caraway seeds.
  • Add hot water in the dough. Leave it for a minute and mix with spoon.
  • Now add oil to the dough mix and knead it with the heel of the palm.
  • Do not knead the dough very vigorously else it breaks away.
  • Now if you are a pro in kneading Gluten-free flours like in making Makkai ki Roti or Jowar Bhakri, you will have no problem. Else, take (a bit bigger) lemon sized dough, apply dry flour on both sides lightly press it and roll it with light hands.
  • Do not roll it very thin, as the roti, breaks while cooking on griddle or gas burner.
  • Another easy way if, take parchment paper, two sheets of about 8 by 8 size and keep the dough ball, roll lightly in a circular disc of about 6" in diameter. It is okay if you are not able to get a perfect round shape.
  • Meanwhile, heat an iron griddle on medium flame, put the rolled chapati carefully on the griddle and cook on both sides.
  • Apply ghee on both sides and serve hot with your favourite dal/ curry or pickle .


Make and serve fresh chapatis. Do not keep it to serve it later, as chapatis turn dry and hrad after sometime. 
Do not roll very thick and very thin chapatis. Thick chapatis don't cook properly and thin chapatis crack while rolling and cooking on griddle.
Apply ghee as soon as the chapati is cooked. It keeps it soft and moist.
Keyword Bajra Roti with Green Garlic

I like to have Bajra Roti with simple Red chilli and Garlic Chutney. This time made for lunch paired it with Turnip Curry/Shalgam ki Subzi(Indian Style) and Split Black Gram Lentils (Dhuli Urad Dal).

Bajra Roti Platter

Do try this Pearl Millet Flatbread and I am sure you will surely love it. And it is not that hard to make too.

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  1. Green garlic makes bajra roti so flavorful and delicious. Love to try this out sometime. Is green garlic the same as spring onions?

    1. No it a bit different.. has the aroma of garlic and the stalks are a bit narrow in shape.. also bulbs are quite small..

  2. Green garlic is my favorite ingredient to add on everything. And I like your bajra roti recipe with green garlic healthy plus tasty.

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