Trails as they say means ‘to make (a track or path) through (a place)’

Food Trails is my food track made through years by observing, reading, trying, testing, eating and treating. I welcome u all to join me on my food trails where I share my food experiences, recipes, stories and health-related knowledge of food.

I really hope that I that my recipes are helpful  to many others  like me (homemakers or professionals) who are always on lookout for nutritious and wholesome meals for themselves and whole family especially kids!! 

Knowing about food and various food cultures has always been a passion for me. I love to explore this wonderful world of Food.

From a very early age I learned to how to cook. My mom was a working woman, and I and my sister used to help her with daily chores whenever we had time off from our studies. Learned basics of cooking from my mom, grandmoms and dad too. We are a family of foodies and my dad too loved to cook whenever he got time. I learned the importance of seasonal cooking from the elders in family and still wherever I am , I try to incorporate that also in my daily cooking.

I am from Uttar Pradesh(U.P) which has it’s own food culture. Through my blog, I am also trying to bring out a whole set of  lesser known vegetarian dishes from Northern India especially Western part of U.P, which otherwise is popular for Awadhi or Mughali Cuisine or food from Banaras region(eastern U.P).

Since I am born and brought in northern part of ‘Incredible India’, my food has a lot of North Indian influence.. I have lived in various other parts of India like Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, and visited quite a few, I have tried, learnt and incorporated regional food also in my cooking. As much as I love cooking Indian regional food, I love trying out international cuisines. Mediterranean is one of my favorite other than desi Chinese or the popular Indo-Chinese.

Here you are will find the recipes for day to day cooking, bakes, desserts, party pleasers for your festivities and gatherings, and lot more. Kids’ friendly recipes, one pot meals, recipes for singles, easy and nutritious dishes for the seniors in house.

Baking is something very close to my heart and I always try to include healthy and nutritious ingredients in baking too. I do baking baking with eggs and without eggs too. In all the recipes you will find both the versions, that will help you choose your ingredients as per your preferences.

I really thank you for stopping by here, exploring my page. I will be very happy to know if you find my blog and recipes useful in anyway. Do share your feedback with me!! Also, I you have any queries or questions you can always reach out to me through my mail in Contact page.

So, come join me here and  let’s share some known, some unknown food stories, recipes and knowledge!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Happy Exploring!!