Trails as they say means ‘to make (a track or path) through (a place)’
Food TRAILS is my food track made through years by observing, reading, trying, testing, eating and treating. I welcome u all to join me on my food trails where I will be sharing my food experiences, recipes, stories and health-related knowledge of food. Here you are going to find the recipes for day to day cooking, bakes, desserts, party pleasers for your festivities and gatherings, and lot more.

Born and brought in northern part of ‘Incredible India’, my food has a lot of North Indian influence but since I have lived in various other parts of India like Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharastra, and visited quite a few, I have tried, learnt and incorporated regional food also in my cooking. As much as I love cooking Indian regional food, I love trying out international cuisines.

After working in IT for around 10-12 years, I gave up my job to be with my kids at home, started afresh as a chocolatier, a home baker n chef. To hone my baking skills professionally I also did Diploma in Baking and Patisserie. Mom to two beautiful and bright kids, a teenager, she is my one of the food taster, and a six-year-old brat, who tries to take every opportunity to help me in my cooking n someday wants to cook a whole meal all by himself!!

Come let’s share some known, some unknown food stories, recipes and knowledge!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Happy Exploring!!