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Lauki Raita/Bottle Gourd Raita

Lauki Ka Raita/Bottle Gourd Raita

Lauki Raita or Bottle Gourd Raita recipe | How to to make Lauki Raita /Bottle Gourd Raita with meals or fasting days.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Condiments
Cuisine Indian Cuisine
Servings 4


  • 2 Cups Fresh Yogurt
  • 1 Small Bottle Gourd /Lauki
  • 1-2 tsp Roasted Cumin Powder
  • Chaat Masala as required
  • Fresh Coriander/Cilantro
  • Salt as required or Sendha Namak for fasting days


  • To grate Lauki, take about half of Lauki. In a bowl take some water about 1-2 cups. Keep grated Lauki in it.

Cook Lauki for Raita- Stove Top

  • In a pan add about ½ -1 cup water. Add grated lauki and then cook it on medium flame for about 5-10 mins.
  • Once done, using a strainer sieve cooked lauki and separate extra water.
  • Cool cooked lauki completely.
  • Whisk yogurt to make it smooth.
  • Add cooked and completely cool lauki, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala salt and red chilli powder as required.
  • Mix nicely.
  • Garnish with finely chopped fresh coriander and serve

Cook Lauki in Instant Pot

  • To cook Lauki in Instant Pot, add lauki to inner pot and about 1 cup water.
  • Add salt and close the lid.
  • Switch on the PRESSURE COOK Mode, and set the timer for 5 mins.

Cook Lauki in Pressure Cooker

  • If you are making a big batch then you can also cook lauki in Indian style Pressure cooker.
  • Add grated lauki and water with about ½ tsp salt.
  • Close the lid and cook on medium flame flame till 2-3 whistles.
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