Whipped Cream(Process)

An easy step by step process for whipping the perfect cream for your desserts and cakes.

3 ingredients and just a few minutes, a bowl of creamy delight is ready to be used on cakes, desserts, pies or to be had just like that with fruits of your choice!!

I am giving the basic recipe with the minimum quantity, you can increase the amount of ingredients as per your requirement.


Heavy Cream— 1 Cup

Essence— 1Tbsp

Sugar*–2 Tbsp

*Any of the sugar will be fine–Castor(Granulated) or Icing Sugar. Desserts where the cream needs to hold shape for long (like in cakes and cupcakes) use Icing Sugar,  as the cornstarch in icing sugar prevents the weeping of the cream(Melting).

Please read the instructions and points before going to the method to consider to get a perfect whipped cream of the desired consistency.

Whipping cream using a hand beater takes quite a lot of time. It is good to use an electric whisk/beater as it reduces the whipping time.

The bowl should be big enough to hold the cream as the volume of the cream increases when you whip it. One cup of cream gives you around 2 cups of whipped cream.

A metal bowl is preferred for whipping but a glass bowl is also fine. Keep the bowl and the whisk/beaters in the refrigerator to chill for at least 30 mins. This helps to whip the cream faster and gives it more volume. 

To beat the cream, transfer cream to the chilled bowl. To get good volume, it is better to beat one cup at a time.

In the beginning, when you start beating a lot of bubbles are formed in the cream but as you proceed, bubbles will disappear as the cream will thicken.

When the cream starts thickening add the essence and finally add sugar. Heavy creams that are available in India already have some sugar content in it, so add the sugar if you want it extra sweet.Check the sugar content in it.

Whip the cream until it reaches stiff peaks. Once it reaches stiff peaks, stop there only as overbeating will break the structure of the cream. 

Start beating the cream at low speed, then gradually increase the speed.

When the trail begins to form and cream holds shape it is ready to be used in desserts. Beat a little more for stiff peaks until it holds firmly to the beater or spoon and can make swirls that hold shape, or the cream doesn’t fell off when the bowl is inverted. Please don’t invert the bowl until the cream starts forming stiff peaks!!

Once the cream is ready, keep it covered in the refrigerator until ready to use. The cream can be stored for 2 days before using. After 2 days it starts losing its structure and becomes watery.


Take the cream in a bowl and beat it at low speed until it starts thickening.

Increase the speed once it starts thickening.

Add the flavor (essence)  and beat until it forms trails.

Add sugar finally and beat a little more. If you want to use the cream in desserts, stop at the trail stage.

For a stiffer consistency, beat it a little more for a minute or two, till the stiff peaks are formed.

Use it on desserts or cakes, or add in some chop some fruits and enjoy as fruit cream.

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