Dark Chocolate Truffles

Truffles one of the best no-bake treats that are hard to resist, ideal for gifting, sharing with friends and a must-have treat on the dessert table. Truffles look so exotic that one thinks it’s difficult to make at home. But, these chocolate bombs are so easy to make, just 3 ingredients to make basic truffle and ready in another 5 minutes. The only time that it takes is the setting time for the ganache. In India when I had my home venture as a Chocolatier, truffles were the most popular that my clients ordered the most during festivals like Diwali, Christmas and New Year Time. This is the basic truffle recipe that I am sharing where you can play with flavors and fillings. It’s New Year party time and these Truffles are just perfect for the occasion.

For making Truffles, we need only 3 ingredients, cream, good quality chocolate. The method of making Truffles is almost the same as making Chocolate Ganache with variation in Chocolate ratio to the cream used. To make truffles that set nicely and to be rolled into balls and can stay in shape at room temperature, use more of the chocolate than the cream. Scoop out the balls using an ice-cream scooper for the uniform size. Keep your hands cool or you can do it in intervals placing the ganache in the refrigerator or cooling your hands if the weather is hot in the place where you live. In Mumbai heat, I remember making a big batch of truffles was a tricky task. I used to work in an air-conditioned room to make the perfect shaped and well-coated truffles. So keep checking the temperature while you work. I have used chocolate chips for making truffles, you can use any good quality chocolate. For handmade truffles, you don’t need to temper the chocolate. Just melt the chips or chocolate and use as required. Gradually I will be posting recipes for flavored truffles with various fillings. If you want to make truffles with a Truffle Mold that needs the chocolate to be tempered. Will cover making truffles using special truffle molds in another post.

Let’s see how I made these chocolatey treats!! The pics today are on the darker side as it was a rainy and gloomy day today. Hope next time when I make these I will eb reshot the pics and repost again.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Dark Chocolate Handmade Truffles, a treat for all the chocolate lovers. A simple and easy recipe for Handmade Truffles which are ideal for gifting and treating.Learn how to make Chocolate Truffles.
Prep Time 10 mins
Resting Time(Minimum) 1 hr
Total Time 11 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American


  • 11/2 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips or roughly chopped Chocolate
  • 1 Cup Cream
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla

For Chocolate Coating or Garnish

  • 1 Cup Dark Chocolate
  • Sprinkles/Finely Chopped Nuts for Garnish
  • Crushed Peppermint Candy


  • Heat cream on high for a minute in a microwave. Or in a non-stick pan, warm cream, till it starts to bubble. Take off the heat. 
  • In another bowl keep the chocolate chips or chopped chocolate ready.
  • Add Vanilla Essence to the cream and mix.
  • Pour cream over the chocolate and let it sit for a few secs. The chocolate will start to melt. Mix nicely till all of the chocolate melts.
  • Let the ganache cool down at room temperature, then keep it in the refrigerator for at least an hour to set. You can keep the ganache overnight also.
  • Scoop out small truffle balls, roll and dip in melted chocolate or garnish with chopped nuts or sprinkles or crushed peppermint candy.


Use any melted chocolate to dip the truffles.
The truffles can also be rolled in cocoa powder or crushed Oreos.
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It’s party time and gifting time do make a batch of these truffles and gift to your loved ones!! Make for kids birthday party or classroom treats.

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  1. dark chocolate truffles came out so beautiful and indulging. I love these a lot, my kids love to have them because they can pick them like lollipop. looks delicious.

  2. Yummy looking truffles. So perfect as edible gifts during the holiday season. You have made them look so pretty and inviting with the toppings.

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