Vrat ka Dosa(Kuttu Atta and Sama Rice Dosa)

Vrat Ka Dosa Recipe | How to make Vrat ka Dosa or Falahari Dosa recipe | Gluten-free Crispy Crepes Recipe

Vrat Ka Dosa

A healthy, crispy and delicious Dosa made with gluten-free flours, no rice and needs no fermentation. Instant Dosa for fasting days or even for regular breakfast. It is vegan friendly when made with any plant based oil.

Vrat ka Dosa made with Kuttu ka Atta (Buckwheat flour), Sama rice(Barnyard Millet) and a very small amount of arrowroot( plant based starch). Dosa made with millets is light and rich in fibres.Usually people in India consume kuttu atta or buckwheat flour during fasting, but those who avoid gluten and rice in their diets can consume it without worrying.

What is Navaratri

In India, in month of Oct we celebrate  the popular and very auspicious festival Navratri. The nine day festival is dedicated Goddess Durga, which represents the Divine Shakti/ Power. Nine days are dedicated to different form of Goddess with which has it’s own significance in Hindu mythology.The festival is celebrated across India in different cultures with their own traditions. In North India, people keep fasts and avoid food that is high in heat, grains, cereals. People consume lot of fruits, light and cooling vegetables are consume.

Food high in heat known as Tamasic food which is basically garlic, onion, lot of spice is all avoided during these days. The main reason is the shift in weather conditions from high heat to cold and chilly winters. It is the best time to detox and then consume food that generates positive energy in the body. Will soon a do a detailed post on fasting during festivals and it’s benefits.

Navratri Navras is the theme for this month’s Facebook group Foodie Monday Bloghop. Navaras is nine days during the festival where each day has it’s own significance. The theme was suggested by the group admin Mayuri Patel ji, who blogs at Mayuri’s Jikoni. She recently did a series of healthy and no onion no garlic for fasting days mainly salads and smoothies. Do checkout the blog for  delicious around the world desserts and health food . Her recent Coconut dessert Haupia is on my to do list that can be consumed even during fasting days.

Dishes for Navaratri fasting

Some of the gluten-free, cereal/grain -free and no onion garlic recipes for fasting days


Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Thalipeeth, Vrat Ki Papdi Chaat, Sabudana KhichdiMakhana Matar aur Kaju ki Subzi, No Onion-Garlic Matar Paneer, Khatta Meetha Kaddu


Apple Kheer,Basundi, Malai Ladoo,Paneer ki Kheer, Makhane ki Panjiri and many more.

Ingredients for Vrat Ka Dosa(Kuttu and Sama Rice Dosa)

Dosa are gluten-free, crispy thin crepes form South Indian Cuisine. It is made with fermented rice and lentil batter, but now there are so many ingredient combinations where you can make dosa if you want to avoid rice or urad dal/split whole black lentil. Few Dosa recipes from the blog..

Mixed Dal Dosa, Instant Ragi Dosa, Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa,

Kuttu Ka Atta/Buckwheat Flour– Gluten-free flour. In North India, it is also used to make flatbreads like parathas, pooris or rotis. Nowadays it is widely used in gluten-free baking also.

Sama Rice/Barnyard Millet(Moriyo)– It tastes just like broken rice when cooked and gives instant energy when consumed. That is why is very popularly used during fasting period. Sama Rice Pulao, made with vegetables and Sama rice  and Sama Ke Chawal ki  aur Gajar ki Kheer is milk pudding with sama rice and carrots. Not only during fasting, one can consume it if you want to avoid rice in meals.

Other ingredients- Ginger, Green Chillies, Fresh Coriander/Cilantro, Salt(Sendha when fasting).

I also add a tbsp of arrowroot. Arrowroot is just like cornstarch but since it is starch of a tuber, it is added for binding in many fasting foods. It is optional, I like to add it since it give a more crispy dosa.

Ingredients Vrat ka Dosa

How to make Vrat Ka Dosa (Kuttu Sama Rice Dosa)

Detailed Recipe in Recipe card

Pointers on how to get Crispy Vrat ka Dosa..

  • Soak Sama rice for minimum 30 mins.
  • Grind all the ingredients together to a smooth paste
  • Keep the batter to rest for about 15-20 mins.
  • Water water carefully. We need batter of dropping consistency, not very thin not very thick. Else, dosa batter will not spread properly.
  • Flip and cook from both side.
  • Apply ghee/oil nicely on both sides.

Vrat Dosa(Kuttu Atta and Sama Rice

Recipe card for Vrat Ka Dosa(Kuttu Atta and Sama Rice Dosa)

Vrat Ka Dosa

Vrat ka Dosa(Kuttu and Sama Rice Dosa)

Gluten-free, No Rice, No Fermentation Instant Dosa Recipe for Fasting and Navaratri | Learn how to make Kuttu and Sama Rice Dosa with Kuttu Atta(BuckWheat Flour and Barnyard Millet)
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Resting time for Batter 15 mins
Course Fasting Food
Cuisine Indian


  • Dosa Tawa
  • Grinder
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spatula


  • ½ Cup Kuttu Atta/Buckwheat flour
  • ½ Cup Sama Rice/Barnyard Millet
  • 1 tbsp Arrowroot optional
  • 1" Small Fresh Ginger Piece
  • 1-2 Green Chillies or as preferred
  • Fresh Coriander/Cilantro as required
  • Water for the batter
  • Ghee/Oil as required


  • Wash and soak Sama rice for atleast ½hr.
  • After 30 mins, drain water. Add all the ingredients in grinder.
  • add about ½ cup water.
  • Grind to fine batter.
  • Take out in a bowl. Cover and keep the batter for about 15 mins.
  • Add more water, to make it of dropping/flowing consistency, as you like to keep the thickness of dosa. Check Notes..
  • Heat dosa tawa/non-stick/cast iron griddle.
  • Drop laddle full batter and spread in circular motion, just like to make dosa /crepes.
  • Let it cook on medium flame. Once the side start to leave the griddle, flip it and cook for about 1 min.
  • Apply ghee/oil on both sides while cooking dosa.
  • Serve hot with vrat wale aloo and coconut chutney(no onion no garlic) or vegetable of your choice.


To get very crispy dosa, make batter of flowing consistency,almost like Rava Dosa batter.
Griddle should not be very hot else batter will not spread properly.
Keyword Navaratri Recipes, Recipes for fasting, Recipes with Barnyard Millet

I made these delicious dosa for my fast and served with Green Coconut Chutney( no onion garlic and no chana dal). Also, I always have a bowl of plain curd or any raita or chass during fasting days also. It helps in digestion and keeps the stomach full for a long time. I served cucumber raita with pomegranate pearls. You can also make Vrat ki Kadhi or Lauki ki subzi to pair with these dosas.

Raita recipes from the blog what you can have during fasting–Spinach and Pomegranate Raita, Mixed Veg Raita, Lauki Raita/Bottle Gourd Raita

Also, while fasting always include lot of fruits and salad veggies which have more water content, as per your traditions and customs. Earlier I have seen many people just having potatoes( curry or dry veggies), lot of fried food and snacks and desserts with high sugar content. That is not a healthy way to keep fast. It’s okay to have it once in a while and no one wants to at boring stuff all the time. But, during fasts many of us take to unhealthy eating, that beats the purpose of keeping fasts. Do not starve and do not over indulge. Eat right and stay healthy.

Do make this gluten-free vegan friendly Dosa for fasting or for breakfast. It is low in cholesterol, diabetic friendly and very delicious.

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  1. Such a delicious regular dosa alternative!! Looks absolutely delicious and healthy. I have never use the arrowroot flour ever so will definitely want to try. Thanks

  2. Dosa platter looks scrumptious. Adding arrowroot powder is new for me . Would love to try your version sometime. Great alternative to the rice dosa. Interesting dosa recipe.

  3. Hi.. I just have to tell you this.
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    1. Thanks Priya!! In North India, we prefer kuttu atta for fasting food..I prefer it more over Paratha as it is light in oil.. arrowroot makes kuttu dosa more crispy.

  4. Such a wonderful, healthy and different kind of food to enjoy during fasting days. Would love to try out this kuttu atta and sama rice dosa. Looks really good.

  5. Your fasting platter with buckwheat flour and Barnyard millet dosa , green chutney and potato stir fry looks so inviting Swaty ! Would love giving this a try. The dosa has come out crisp and perfect.

  6. Love this combo into one. Vrat ka dosa have become an integral part of Navratris. Your detailed explanation on how to make this is very clean. The dosa platter look perfect & mouthwatering!

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