Vrat Ki Kadhi

Vrat Ki Kadhi an easy and simple yogurt based curry made for the fasting period.

Kadhi is a yogurt based curry made with yogurt with besan(chickpea flour added to it). It is tempered with spices likes fenugreek seeds cumin seeds , chilli powder and herbs like curry leaves and coriander leaves.

Vrat Ki Kadhi is made with the flour that Singhara Atta(Chestnut Flour), Rajgira Atta(Amaranth Flour). The curry can be tempered with the spices as per one’s dietary preference during fasting period.  I usually like to keep it simple with curry leaves and green chillies and ginger. I like to have Vrat Ki kadhi with Plain Sama Rice or Sama Rice Pulao. Both are no fuss dishes and can be prepared in jiffy. During fasting when you need to go to work, you can make these quickly and pack for lunch. Since there are no spices used in these recipes these come under Satvik food and are light on stomach.Many times I also love to have it like soup, it is so warm and comforting with the flavor from curry leaves and ginger. 

Vrat Ki Kadhi

What I need to make Vrat Ki Kadhi

Plain Yogurt, Chestnut Flour(Singhara Atta) or Amaranth Flour(Rajgira Atta), Curry leaves and green chillies.Let’s see the easy and simple recipe.

Vrat Ki Kadhi, a yogurt based curry that can be consumed during fasting days like Shivaratri, Navratri. A gluten-free yogurt based curry with simple and easy recipes. 

You can keep the consistency of this Kadhi as per your preference. To make it thick add less water and add a tbsp more of flour(Singhara/ Rajgira flour). These flours are gluten-free and so this kadhi can be consumed by those on gluten-free diets. When not fasting you can temper it with, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds and fresh garlic. Please see notes in the recipe card.

Sama Rice Pulao with Vart Ki Kadhi

Make this easy and simple Vrat Ki Kadhi. Do give me your feedback and whenever you make this will be glad to see my pics on any of y social media handles.

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  1. Swaty,
    I love the combination of vrat ke chawal and this kadhi but your idea of having it as a soup is also so perfect for the season! What a mouthwatering post!

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