Khatta Meetha Kaddu(Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Indian Style)

Khatta Meetha Kaddu

Kaddu/Sitaphal ki Sabzi is one of the popular vegetable/side dish that is prepared during festivals, ceremonies, fast(especially Navratris) in India and enjoyed with Pooris.The vegetable is made in various forms in almost all parts of India but this version is popular especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh-U.P and Rajasthan. I came from UP and love this dish since I was a child. The sweet and tangy taste gives this vegetable a unique taste. It is best paired with poori but can be equally enjoyed with Chapatis and Paranthas(Indian Flatbreads) or even with Dal(Lentil Curries) and Steamed Rice!!

Pumpkin/Kaddu is a good source of dietary fiber, Vit A beta-carotene. The vegetable is made using the minimum of spices and oil where jaggery(gur)/sugar imparts it the sweetness and tamarind or dry mango powder makes it tangy. I use usually use gur for sweetness and lemon can be substituted along with dry mango powder(I usually use this) if tamarind is not available or you don’t want to use tamarind because of health reasons. I also add a tomato it adds tanginess to the veggie. In India, I prepared this dish using the green pumpkin that we get there but here in US, I use the orange pumpkin. Many people make it with the peel, but I find the peel of orange one too thick so I discard it. But I made green pumpkin with the peel. You can use the pressure cooker to make this veg as it speeds up the process or else it takes 20-30 minutes to cook.

Let’s quickly see how I make this sweet and tangy yummy dish.

Total Time: 30 mins


Kaddu/Pumpkin–200 g


Green Chilli–1-2

Hing–1/2 Tsp

Meethi/Fenugreek Seeds–1 Tsp

Jeera–1/2 Tsp

Turmeric Powder–1/2 Tsp

Coriander Powder–1-2 Tsp

Amchur/Dry Mango Powder–1/2 Tsp

Lemon Juice–1-2 Tsp

Finely chopped Fresh Coriander–1 Tbsp

Salt– as per taste

Oil–1-2 Tbsp


Refer to the pics at the end of the instructions. Move cursor or click on the image for caption.

Wash and cut the veggie into cubes, discard peel if you want.

Heat oil in a thick-bottomed pan. I use mustard oil for cooking Indian style veggies. When the oil is warm enough add hing, then add methi seeds, let the seeds splutter, add cumin seeds. You can also add dry red chilli in the tempering, I ran out of it so didn’t add any.

Finely chop tomato and green chilli and add to the pan. You can omit tomato as many people don’t add it.

Once the tomato pieces are soft and mushy, add the dry powdered spices(coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder if not using green chilli and amchur powder).

Add kaddu/pumpkin and toss in spices, add a half cup of water and salt as per taste, cover the pan, and let the veggie cook till it is soft and mushy.

Add gur/jaggery or sugar once the veggie is soft. I usually mash lightly the vegetable, if you want to keep the pieces there is no need to mash. Let the water evaporate completely.

Add and mix in lemon juice, switch off the flame and garnish it with finely chopped coriander leaves.

If you are cooking it for some special occasion then add a tsp or cook in Desi Ghee(Indian Clarified Butter).Believe me, it adds up to the flavor of the veggie. It will taste the same as prepared on festive occasions by halwais of Northern India.

Pics, where I am adding Jaggary and lemon juice to cooked veggie, are missing, will soon update these.

Khatta Meetha Kaddu1

Serve hot with Pooris, Paranthas or Chapatis or as a side dish with the humble Dal and Rice.

I made this time with Bedmi Poori and Rasewalle Aloo Tamatar.

Bedmi Poori with Rassewale Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi

Make this khatta Meetha Kaddu and enjoy little sweet and little tangy taste with the bread of your choice.

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