Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa/Indian Crepes

Healthy and Nutritious Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa/Crepes recipe for breakfast and light meals

Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa

Gluten-free, Vegan Friendly Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa, is a delicious breakfast recipe that can prepared in jiffy with little preparation done in advance. Loaded with two superfoods this one is one of the healthiest breakfast option for all the age groups.

Me and my kids love dosa and  idlis but most of the time when dosa cravings hit, I do not have fermented batter ready :).  I make these crispy and nutritious dosa that needs no waiting(fermentation) time. With no option of eating out hot fresh dosa , I rely on Instant ways of making it. These are also a good option for busy morning breakfast when kids and hubby are always in hurry to rush off to school and office. Or, when I need to go easy for dinner by serving something that is wholesome tasty and nutritious.

What is Dosa

Traditionally originating from South Indian Cuisine, Dosa is savory Indian crepe that made with fermented rice and lentil batter.. These are thin like crepes but are more crispy. Now a days these are popular all over India and even Internationally and made with different ingredients like rava, millets flour. Checkout this Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe.

Video Recipe of Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa Click HERE

Moong Sprouts and Quinoa

Moong Sprouts are believed to be more nutritious than Moong Beans. If you have still not included these in your diet, then do it right away. Learn how to make Moong Sprouts at home.

One of the best source of protein, antioxidants and almost all the nutrients required by our body. These are one of the super food that should be included in diet especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan.  I like to eat moong sprouts in my salads and stir-frys, but my kids and hubby do not like this way. So, I have come up ways in which I can sneak these into their food. For fussy eaters, you can include these in pulao, khichdi, as filling in parathas  from Mayuri’s Jikoni, sandwiches, dosa and idlis.

To make dosa with sprouted moong beans more crunchy and crispy one can add daliya(cracked wheat), poha, rice flour, amaranth flour or quinoa. You can also add cornstarch but I avoid it. This time I added quinoa. I have recently started using Quinoa in our diet. I use it for making  pulao(Quinoa Pulao), burger patties or Instant dosa .

Quinoa is gluten-free and is one of the most richest source of plant protein that contains all the nine essential amino acids. Nowadays lot of people are substituting it with rice in their diet. If it is not available in your area then you can substitute it with rice flour.

Breakfast the most important meal of the day

Needless to mention again, breakfast should be one of the main meals for us. But, sadly in this fast paced life, many of us ignore this most important meal due to lack of time. Make something that is quick and easy and also fulfils the nutritional requirements of the whole family. #233 Nutri Brekkie is the theme for this Monday’s Foodie Bloghop Facebook group, where all the participating bloggers will make nutritious dishes for breakfast. The theme this week was suggested by Suajatji, who blogs at Batter Up with Sujata, where she has an amazing collection of traditional Bengali dishes, nutritious bakes, curries and lot more. I want to try her Olive Chutney with Jaggery and Panch Phoran. Do hop onto her blog and checkout more..

So to be active and full of energy, one should have a proper breakfast with nutritious ingredients.

Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa is one such perfect filling and nutritious dish, which keeps away the hunger pangs for a long time.

With it numerous health benefits let’s see how to make nutritious Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa

First step in preparing it, is to make Moong Sprouts. You can use store bought sprouts also, but I prefer making it at home. You can make a big batch of sprouts and use it in various dishes. Making it at home is a more hygienic option then buying from stores.

Check out How To Sprout Moong Beans at Home

Soak Quinoa for about 2-3 hrs. If you plan to make dosa in morning, then you can soak it before sleeping, or early in morning.

Wash Quinoa 2-3 times in tap water. Then soak in enough water.

When ready to make, drain water.

In a blender, add moong sprouts, quinoa, green chilies(optional and as per taste), ginger, cumin seeds, salt and fresh cilantro leaves. Add little water about 1/2 cup while grinding the batter. I did not use garlic and onion, you can always add while grinding batter.

Keep the batter in a bowl for about 30 minutes. You can also leave it in your refrigerator overnight. I never kept it more than 2 days so don’t know whether it will stay longer than that.

When ready to make, heat a griddle( preferably cast iron or non-stick). Splash some water on griddle to check if it is hot enough to cook dosa. If the water sizzles quickly your griddle is ready.

Put spoonful of batter on griddle and spread it carefully in circular motion. Cook on medium flame, till it starts leaving the sides. You can flip it and cook lightly on the other side else it is fine just like that also.

Consistency of batter for Dosa.. it should not be too thick or too runny. Batter should coat the back of ladle and forms a ribbon like flow when dropped from ladle.

Serve hot with chutney of your choice like this Roasted Bell Pepper Tomato and Garlic Chutney, Cilantro and Mint Chutney or your coconut chutney with dosa. You can also spread some Podi (South Indian Dry Chutney Powder Mix) or Flax seed Chutney and relsih with your tea, coffee or juice. Kids like it with tomato chutney. You can also serve it with Paneer Bhurji or mashed potatoes just like the way we make for Rice and Lentil Dosa filling.

Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa

Sprouted Moong and Quinoa Dosa

Instant Dosa recipe with nutritious Sprouted Moong Beans and Quinoa for breakfast or light meals. Gluten-free, Vegan, low oil Dosa recipe.
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Prep Time 1 hr 15 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Batter Resting Time 30 mins
Course Breakfast, Dinner
Cuisine Indian


  • 3/4 Cup Moong Sprouts
  • 3/4 Cup Soaked Quinoa
  • 1" Fresh Ginger piece
  • 1-2 Green Chilies or as per heat tolerance
  • 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • Salt as per taste
  • Handful of Cilantro/fresh Coriander Leaves
  • Oil to cook dosa


  • Wash nicely Quinoa and soak it for at least 2-3 hrs.
  • When ready to make batter drain water, add quinoa, sprouts, ginger, chilies, cumin, salt and cilantro leaves in blender and grind to a smooth fine paste. Add about 1/2 cup water.
  • Please note batter should not be very thick or very flowing. Make it just like the ribbon dropping consistency.
  • Heat a griddle hot enough to cook dosa. Sprinkle some water on it, if water sizzles immediately on griddle it is ready to use.
  • Take spoonful of batter, drop on griddle and spread it in circular motion. I made small circles you can take more batter and make bigger ones like the dosa that we get in restaurants.
  • Drizzle oil, cook till it starts leaving the sides. You can flip it and cook lightly on the other side else it is fine just like that also. 
  • Serve hot with chutney of your choice.



You can use Desi Ghee for cooking dosa especially when making for kids. It is  a more healthy option in controlled amount. 
In case you don't have Quinoa, you can use Barnyard Millet(Sama ke Chawal), Rice flour or Rice flakes(Poha).
If no Gluten restrictions , you can also add Daliya(Cracked Whole Wheat).
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So do try this vegan  and gluten-free dosa recipe with two superfoods(Moong Sprouts and Quinoa). It is very nutritious for all the age groups.

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1) Wash nicely Quinoa and soak it for at least 2-3 hrs.

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  1. I make pancakes and crepes with mung sprouts too but prefer to leave them whole. I love biting on them. However, grinding is a great idea for kids.

  2. I do make sprout dosa but never added quinoa to it. Would love to try as we too love idlis and dosas and this would be another wonderful addition to my dosa recipes

  3. Delightful breakfast loaded with super food quinoa and moong sprouts.Lovely ideas to incorporate these and treat our family. Delicious treat for everyone.

  4. Quinoa and sprouts wow what a super healthy combo. Loved this nutritious recipe. Perfect breakfast option for kids and adults both. I would love to try it sometime. Never used quinoa but now I have to try this nutritious ingredient in my food. Superb share.

  5. Pesarattu is my favorite breakfast Swaty, yours sprouted moong and quinoa looks very delicious, crispy and healthy. Good way to make family eat sprouts in this way, ur chutney too looks amazing Swaty.

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  7. While we regularly make pesarettu with soaked whole green moong, I never thought of using sprouts or quinoa in it. What a lovely idea, which would make the dosas all the more nutritious, tasty and filling! Would love to try this out some time soon. 🙂

  8. Sprouted mung dosa and pesarattu are my family favourite. Never tried quinoa dosa though. I would love trying your version soon. Definitely a nutritious breafast option !

  9. A delicious way to enjoy a healthy breakfast or light dinner. I’ve not tried making dosa with quinoa but would love to try. Like the idea of making batter which I store in the fridge for a day or two. A great way to include sprouted moong in one’s daily diet.

    1. True batter in fridge comes handy when pressed on time. Do try it is indeed a good way to include quinoa and sprouts together in diet. Glad you liked the recipe!

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