How to Sprout Beans and Legumes

How to Sprout Beans and Legumes | Learn how to make healthy and nutritious sprouts at home without Sprout Maker

Moong Sprouts

Sprouts are the germination of legumes and beans and the process is known as Sprouting. It basically refers to the germination of seeds  and legumes like chickpeas, moong beans , alfa alfa and many others. Let cover in this post how to Sprout Beans and Legumes at home.

Sprouts are believed to be more nutritious than the regular beans and lentils. Addition of Sprouts in daily meals is considered to be very healthy. These are the powerhouse of energy and loaded with almost all the essential nutrients required by our body.

There are a lot of variety to choose from. Sprouting process may seem very simple but it gets the right technique to get the proper sprouts. Storing beans and legumes in controlled temperatures is very important for the proper germination of sprouts.

How to use sprouts

Make Subzi or dry curry, add in  salads or chaat and sandwich or wraps and rolls. I also like to add it in soups like Thupka  or Hot and Sour or mixed vegetable for a more protein rich option.

Add in Veg. Pulao(Sprouted Moong Pulao) or Fried Rice or Khichdi to enhance the nutritional value.

Grind and add to your dosa batter or make quick no fermentation Instant Crispy Dosa for breakfast or light dinner.

How to make Moong Sprouts

Video Recipe– How to Sprout Moong Beans

This post I am going to share How to make Moong Sprouts at home without any Sprout Maker. Will be gradually updating the post for other bean and legume sprouts also.

Moong Sprouts can be easily made at home. Though these are easily available at stores, making it at home is a more hygienic option.


How to Sprout Beans and Legumes

Make healthy and nutritious Moong Sprouts using Moong Beans at home.
Sprouting Time 2 d


  • 1 Cup Moong Beans


  • To sprout beans, firstly rinse it in water 2-3 times.
  • In a deep dish or bowl or take a bottle, add washed beans and then add water till 1/4 level.
  • Keep beans soaked in water for around 12 hrs. Then drain water.
  • Take a very clean wet cheesecloth or any soft cotton cloth,transfer soaked beans to it. Then keep that cloth tightly wrapped in another container, in a cool and dark place. I usually keep it in hot case/casseroles especially in winters that provide enough warmth for sprouts to grow.
  • It usually takes -2 days for full sprouting. In between you can shuffle the beans so that it gets air and some space for the growing sprouts. Always keep the container at a warm place.
  • Once you get sprouts, transfer to an air-tight container. Line it with paper kitchen towel/napkin to keep away extra moisture.


Points to keep in mind before using Sprouts..

Since sprouts are kept in moisture for 1-2 days there is a danger of cross contamination. and E-Coli infection. Make sure to always rinse sprouts in water before using. Many people eat it raw but always ensure to steam or lightly cook sprouts before eating.

Benefits of sprouts..

Sprouts are rich in fibres, protein and Vit. C and Vit. K. As mentioned above these are known to be the Power House of Energy.

These are good for hair, skin, heart, builds up the immune system, help in circulation of blood and many more.

So do ensure to add these in your diet in any of the ways you like. Kids may not like to have it in stir-frys or in salads , you can sneak it their food as mentioned above..Will be gradually sharing different ways of including these in your diet.

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