Flax Seeds Chutney(Powder)/Alsi ki Chutney(Dry)

Flax Seeds Chutney(Powder)/Alsi ki Chutney (Dry) Recipe | Learn how to make healthy no oil Flaxseed Chutney(Powder)

Flaxseed Chutney Powder

Flaxseed Chutney powder is a super healthy spice mix which is quick simple and easy to prepare. Bursting with nutty flavor of flaxseeds and other spices used, it is a keeper recipe for all the foodies, health conscious and busy bees!!

It is  Vegan Friendly, Gluten-free, with zero oil and rich in fibre and proteins. 

Here I am today with a simple yet delicious dry chutney powder, that is so versatile and can be used as a side or accompaniment with your breakfast, lunch or dinner. A regular at my house and I add it in yogurt, chass(Indian buttermilk), sprinkle on buttered toasted or have it parathas. Almost on anything and everything (savory dishes) you can use this wonder spice mix! And the best part is that it stays good for a couple of months !!

Yes, I call it a wonder spice mix as all the ingredients used in it are beneficial for health in one or the other way.

 Benefits of Flaxseeds

Flax seeds are one of the popular super seeds available. and are getting popular day by day. In India these are known by different names. Like Alsi in Hindi(Northern States), Tessi in Bihar, Tesshi in Bengali language, Jawas in Maharashtra, Agase in Karnataka, Ali Vidai in Tamil, Avise Ginzalu in Andhra Pradesh.

Known to be one of the oldest cultivated crop these are popular health food world wide. Nowadays commonly used for eggless baking(Flax gel) and recommended by nutritionist if you are on  a weight loss, cholesterol free diet. Power house of nutrition these seeds have nutty flavor. For people who do not eat fish especially vegetarians and vegans these seeds are the best and natural source of OMEGA 3 FATS.

Rich source of protein fiber, keep blood sugar level in control. It’s consumption increases feeling of fullness thus keep hunger pangs away. So it’s, good for those on weight loss diets. These are also known to be good for digestion. These days these are being added to the  popular Indian Mukhwaas with other seeds like sesame seeds, fennel seeds, coconut and anise seeds. Mukhwaas are popular after meal snack or mix trail of seeds like fennel seeds, sesame seeds and other digestion promoting ingredients.

I always keep powdered flaxseeds handy and use it in making savory crepes like Besan Chilla, Dosa(Instant Ragi Dosa), in bakes like my recent Kale Brownies, for binding in cutlets like these nutritious Rajma and Spinach Cutlets/Rajma Palak Ki Tikki. You can add it your chapati or bread dough or in smoothies and shakes. Since many people(including me 🙂 ) don’t like to chew on the flaxseeds due to the after taste and texture while chewing, it is good to use in powdered form.


My teenage daughter love spicy food and she also like me doesn’t like to chew on these seeds. So this Chutney comes so much handy to me as in some way she can have flaxseeds with her meals.

This chutney mix is so regular in my house, I wondered why I didn’t posted it on my blog. Recently when Renu from my Foodie Bloghop Facebook group, suggested the Theme #231CondimentsMagic for this week where all the participating bloggers have to make condiments using not so common ingredients, I had no idea what I was going to make. It just stuck me two days back while adding it to aloo paratha mix for kids, that how can I forget to post this Super Condiment recipe on my blog!!

So here I am for the with healthy Chutney powder that you can use in so many ways! In Southern India this dry powder is very popular but there they add lentils like chana dal or urad dal to it. This is more of a North Indian Version, where we do not add any lentils.

Do hop onto Renu’s Blog Cook With Renu. a collection of versatile recipes from North India Cuisine to healthy bakes from all over the world. I loved her recent Sprouted Whole Wheat No knead Bread, that will soon try as soon as I get Sprouted Wheat Flour.

How is Dry Chutney Powder different from Masala Powder..

Most of the masala Masala powders are usually added to food while cooking. Dry Chutney Powders better known as Podis which are more common in South Indian States, eaten as accompaniment with food especially rice, paranthas or idlis.

How to make Flax Seeds Chutney

These is not standard recipe for ingredients for making this mix. Main ingredients are flaxseeds and the other ingredients depend on individual preferences. I make it quite a simple way and add sesame seeds in winters. In summers I skip sesame seeds and sometimes garlic also as these ingredients are known to generate body heat. Adding chilies also depends upon how individual’s heat tolerance. I keep it to medium not too fiery hot.

Many people like to make a wet chutney but I like the powdered/dry version as I can store it for a couple of months and use it conveniently whenever required.

Ingredients for Flax Seeds Chutney

Video link on You Tube for Flaxseed Chutney Powder..CLICK HERE

Flaxseeds, Cumin Seeds, Dry Whole Red Chilies, Black Salt, Sesame Seeds(in winters), Garlic. You can also use roasted peanuts/walnuts if you don’t have any peanut or nut allergies.

Cumin Seeds not only add on to the taste of spice mixes and food it also aids in digestion and is beneficial in cold and cough.

Sesame Seeds have their share of health benefits known to most of us. These increase the heat of body thus help to keep it warm in winters. Aids in digestion, rich in calcium so support strong bones and are good for hair and skin and many more.

Garlic is anti-inflammatory and helps to fight body with cold cough and other infections along with keeping a check on Cholesterol levels.

With the many other numerous health benefits of the ingredients used in this SUPER CONDIMENT, let’s see how to make it.


Dry roast Flaxseeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds(if using) separately separately in a pan one by one, till it gives nutty aroma. Transfer in bowl or dish to cool.

Roast sesame seeds till it starts to turn light brown. Take care not to burn the seeds. 

Dry roast whole red chillies and garlic cloves.

Once all the ingredients cool down, grind to fine powder. I use my coffee grinder to grind masalas or spice mixes.

Add in black salt/pink Himalayan salt and give a pulse again.

Transfer to an air-tight container and refrigerate.

Method Flaxseed Chutney

Recipe Card for Flax Seeds Chutney

Video link on You Tube for Flaxseed Chutney Powder.. CLICK HERE

Flaxseed Chutney(Powder)

Flaxseed Chutney(Dry)/Alsi ki Chutney(Powder)

A nutrious blend of flaxseeds with cumin seeds and dry red chilies
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Condiments
Cuisine Indian
Servings 1 Cup


  • Grinder/Coffee Grinder
  • Pan
  • Laddle
  • Bowls/Plates


  • ½ Cup Flax Seeds
  • 2-3 tbsp Cumin Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Sesame Seeds(in winters) optional
  • 2-3 Whole Dry Red Chilies or use as required
  • 8-10 Garlic Cloves optional
  • Black Salt as per taste


  • Dry roast Flaxseeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds(if using) separately separately in a pan one by one, till it gives nutty aroma. Transfer in bowl or dish to cool.
  • Roast sesame seeds till it starts to turn light brown. Take care not to burn the seeds. 
  • Dry roast dry red chillies and garlic cloves, till it gives aroma and starts getting charred.
  • Once all the ingredients cool down, grind to fine powder. I use my coffee grinder to grind masalas or spice mixes.
  • Add black salt/pink Himalayan salt and give a pulse again or mix with spoon.
  • Transfer to an air-tight container and refrigerate.


Peanuts/Walnuts/Pumpkin Seeds/Sun Flower Seeds can be added to the spice mix for a more rich chutney powder.
Skip garlic for no onion-garlic version. 
Lightly dry roasted dried Curry leaves can also be added to the mix. 
Add Chilli Flakes as per heat tolerance if you don't have Whole Red Chillies. 
When garlic is added shelf life of Chutney is about a month, else it stays good for about 2-3 months in refrigerator. 
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Versatile uses of Flaxseed Chutney-

  • Sprinkle in salads, sandwiches, everyday subzis like Bhindi Masala or Jeera Aloo.
  • Add any yogurt preparations like in Chass(buttermilk) , raitas or even plain yogurt.
  • Add in filling like in Aloo Paratha or Aloo sandwich.
  • Relish with Dal Chawal or simply mix with rice, some ghee and relish warm rice.
  • On Khichdi(Yellow Moong Dal Khichdi, Chana Dal Khichdi).
  • Add in kebabs and cutlets or sprinkle on pakoras.
  • Simple butter toast or Ajwain parathas.

So do try this Super Chutney Mix or Flaxseed Podi as it is known in Southern Part of India. Whenever you make it do give me your feedback in comments. Whenever you make this, do post on my FB page or tag me on Instagram.  Pin the recipes for later use.

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  6. What a great way to use flax seeds, loaded with health benefits as they are! I don’t like eating flax seeds on their own either, so this chutney powder is definitely on my to-do list. Great recipe!

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