Chaas(Indian Buttermilk)


Chaas is a yogurt based drink, that is good for body and aids digestion. It cools and dehydrates the body in summers and many times used in Ayurvedic treatments for stomach and skin disorders.Traditionally Chassis made by churning chilled thick yogurt with chilled water, separating the milk fat(butter) from it. I remember my mom making Chass by blending yogurt with water either in a blender or sometimes with wooden churner, separating little butter that was formed by churning. I also remember my maternal grandmother and other females in our ancestral village churning butter in morning (in summers) from the yogurt that was set the previous night and used the whey for drinking as Chass or Mathaa(in local language). Nowadays many people make Chass by diluting one part yogurt with 3-4 parts of water (that’s the way I too make), as churning out butter from it may take a long and with many using store-bought yogurt, you get a very negligible amount of butter.

Chass is very good for stomach related problems. Some of the benefits of having Chass:

If you feel bloated after heavy meals, having some buttermilk makes you feel lighter instantly. The herbs and spices and buttermilk aids in digestion relieve, stomach problems associated with gas, acidity, and constipation.

These days buttermilk is also a part of weight loss diets and programs as one of the detox drinks for it body cleansing properties.

Sipping on the buttermilk during fasting helps to keep the energy level up and keeps away the hunger pangs. Use sendha namak (Rock salt if you don’t use table salt when fasting).

Very good cleanser for skin. Apply a spoonful buttermilk with a pinch of Turmeric to get a shiny, skin free of acne and pimples.

One of the best electrolytes in diarrhea. Add a pinch or two of salt and some crushed dry roasted cumin, in a glass of Chass made with one part yogurt and 4 parts water to relieve the upset stomach.

Commonly used spices and herbs as per individual’s choice used for flavoring Chass/Buttermilk:

Fresh Coriander Leaves(Dhania Patte), Fresh Mint Leaves (Poodina Patte), Fresh Ginger, Ginger Powder(Sonth), Black Pepper (Kali Mirch), Dry Roasted Cumin (Bhuna Jeera), Green Chillies, Black Salt(Kala Namak), Sugar. As per Ayurveda these herbs and spices can be used in different combinations for curing stomach skin disorders.

Chass(Indian Buttermilk)

I make Chass/Buttermilk almost every day for lunch and give to my kids when they are back from school, especially in summers. This is how I make it.


Yogurt– 1 cup

Water– 4 cups

Fresh Mint Leaves–5-6

Fresh Coriander Leaves–5-6

Dry Roasted Cumin–1 Tsp

Black Salt–as per taste

Sugar–1/2 Tsp (if yogurt is sour)

Crushed Ginger–very little


Take curd/yogurt in a bowl or jug. Add kala namak(black salt), water and beat/ mix with water with churner.

Crush mint and coriander leaves in a pestle.

Add to the buttermilk.

Crush dry roasted jeera(cumin) seeds.

Mix nicely and serve.


You can also refrigerate Chass before serving, add salt just before having it, added salt in yogurt makes it sour and also affects its ayurvedic properties. Also, have Chass the same day don’t keep it for the next day.

Make Chass my way and I am sure you will make it everyday!!!

Chaas(Indian Buttermilk)


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