Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato Garlic Chutney

Roasted Bell Pepper Toamto and Garlic Chili Chutney

Roasted Bell Pepper, Tomato and Garlic chutney is a spicy chutney made with oven roasted Red Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Garlic and Dry Red Chillies.

It is my variation of the famous Roasted Tomato and Garlic chutney that is quite famous in the state of Rajasthan in India and popularly known as Lehsun Ki Chutney. I usually keep a small jar of Lehsun ki Chutney(Rajasthani or Maharashtrian style) or Chinese Schezwan Chutney in my refrigerator as these go well with almost all Indian food items and can be added to fried rice preparations, noodles, dals and curries for enhancing the taste.

I and my daughter love spicy food and we love to have chutney as a side dish, with pakoras(chickpea fritters), idlis, dosa, vada and many more dishes. I make garlic and tomato chutney along with Kashmiri red chillies. This is another version that I love to make, with roasted bell pepper along tomato, chilies and garlic. We enjoyed this with Instant Rava Idli and hot Sambhar.

It is a kind of spicy garlicky version of Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato soup. Idli tasted equally good with the spicy chutney even without the sambhar.

Chutney with idlli

Let’s see how I make this hot and spicy chutney with bell pepper, tomatoes and garlic

Roasted Bell Pepper, Tomato and Garlic Chilli Chutney

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Spicy Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Tomato and Garlic Chilli Chutney


  • Ripe Red Tomatoes-2
  • Roasted Red Bell Pepper-1 medium
  • Garlic Cloves-5-6
  • Dry Red Chillies- 2-3
  • Mustard Seeds- 1/2 Tsp
  • Mustard Oil or any flavorless oil- 1 Tsp
  • Curry Leaves-3-4
  • Salt as per taste
  • A pinch of sugar
  • Water-1-2 Tbsp to adjust the consistency


  1. Soak Kashmiri red chilies in warm water.
  2. Cut tomatoes and red bell pepper in quarters.If you are using half bell pepper cut in half.
  3. Put garlic along with tomatoes and bell pepper with peel so that it doesn’t burn.
  4. Brush with oil, sprinkle some salt, line on the baking tray with peel side down and put it in the oven on grill mode (high) for 5-10 mins. You can roast the tomatoes/bell pepper and garlic in a grill-pan on stove-top also.
  5. After 5-8 minutes the skin of bell pepper and tomatoes will be charred.
  6. Once cooled, peel off the skin of tomatoes, bell pepper and garlic and blend everything in a grinder with salt, sugar, black pepper powder. Add a pinch of sugar to it.
  7. Temper the chutney. In a pan heat 1 tsp of oil, add mustard seeds when seeds crackle add curry leaves then add the grinded chutney. Adjust the consistency of chutney with 1-2 tbsp of water.
  8. Store in an air-tight container.
  9. Enjoy as a side with any of your favorite food.

Stepwise pics

Roasted Bell Pepper Toamto and Garlic Chili Chutney

If you are making a big batch of chutney then increase the amount of ingredients as per your requirement. Add 1-2 tsp of vinegar to increase the shelf life. Stays good for 10-15 days in the refrigerator.

If you love something spicy with your food, make this chutney and enjoy with hot paranthas, dosas, idlis and sandwiches or any other snack item.

Do try these healthy Baked Masala Papdi, I am sure you will love this guilt-free baked version Whenever you make it do give me your feedback in comments. Whenever you make this, do post on my FB page or tag me on Instagram.  Pin the recipes for later use.

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