Traditional Creamy Basundi Recipe | Basundi Recipe with Mixed Nuts


Creamy Basundi recipe with mixed nuts like Almonds, Cashew nuts , Chironji flavoured with Cardamom and Nutmeg.

Basundi is traditional dessert in Western(Maharashtra, Gujarat) and Southern(Tamil Nadu, Karnataka) states of India, made on special occasions. You can call it condensed milk, that is made by cooking milk on slow flame, reduced to half . A creamy texture dessert that is served either with pooris or on it’s own. You can also serve it as dessert in Thalis.

I never had Basundi, till I came to Mumbai. . It was marriage party of one of our colleague, where I first had it with other traditional  Maharashtrian food.

Basundi In North India, we various make Kheer(Rice Pudding/Chawal ki Kheer, Makhane Ki Kheer) and Rabri. Many people confuse Basundi with Rabri, but the two differ a lot from each other.

Rabri from North India, is also a milk based dessert and is more thicker and more creamier in consistency. It is also a time consuming dessert as for Rabri we cook milk for a long time till it reaches very creamy consistency is reduced to one fourth.

Benefits and Ways to use Milk

#261MilkyWay is the theme for this week’s Foodie Monday Bloghop. In the group, I suggested the theme this week and asked participating members to make Milk based dishes using milk or one of it’s byproducts like yogurt, evaporated milk, curd/yogurt etc.

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Milk is one of the essential ingredient of our daily cuisine. In India, kids start their day with the glass of milk. For most of the people, their morning Chai/Tea has milk. Curd/Yogurt, desserts made with milk or evaporated milk(khoya/milk powder).

Nonetheless to mention the benefits of milk, it is a rich source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B complex. The only essential nutrient missing from milk is Vit. C. Milk should always be pasteurized  and boiled before consuming. Have it chilled shakes( Strawberry Milkshake, Nutella and Banana Milkshake, Thandai)  or hot(Hot Chocolate, Winter Special Besan Badam Milk for Winters), make Yogurt or Paneer(Homemade Paneer), make desserts like Carrot Barnyard Millet Kheer, Makhane ki kheer, Paneer ki Kheer, Apple Kheer, Mini Rasgulla Kheer.

Cream made from Milk is also used in making curries(Methi Malai Matar) and desserts Strawberry Cream

Condensed milk desserts Coconut Laddo, Chocolate Fudge

Raitas(Boondi Raita, Mixed Veg. Raita) or Chass(Indian Buttermilk, Roasted Beetroot Chass) appetizers with meals, made from yogurt.

Yogurt based curries like Kadhi Pakodi, Jaisalmeri Chane

Khoya or evaporated milk a by product of milk, is used to make a lot Indian Desserts like Mathura ke Pede, Kalakand(Kalakand, Layered Double Chocolate Kalakand).

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Tips and Tricks to make creamy rich Basundi

Here a few tips and tricks to make Creamy rich Basundi, though it is very easy to make. Cooking milk at slow flame, is the only time consuming task.

Always take full fat milk. It give a creamy rich texture. Low fat milk will not give the desired consistency.

Take a thick bottomed pan and cook milk on slow flame. Take care not burn milk at the bottom of kadhi or pan.

Keep scrapping the side of kadhai or pan and regular intervals of 5-6 mins, keep on stirring the milk.

How to serve Basundi

Basundi tastes best when served chilled/cold. Top it with chopped and coarsely crushed nuts. Traditionally people in Maharashtra and Gujarat serve it with hot fluffy poori (deep fried Indian Flat bread). You can also have it just like that or as a part of festive menu.

How can we store Basundi

You can make Basundi a day before serving, refrigerate and have it chilled the next day. Also, when planning to make for party, make it 1-2 days ahead and serve as required.

Ingredients and How to make Basundi

Basundi is a milk based dessert.Use full fat milk. I have used Dairy milk. I can’t comment on using plant based milk for the dessert since I never used it.

Traditional Basundi has Chironaji (Buchanania lanzan), almond flavoured seeds added to desserts like Chawal Ki Kheer, Gujjiya for Holi.

Incase Chironji is not available, you can add nuts like almonds or pistachios.

The dessert is flavoured with Nutmeg/Jaiphal and Cardamon/Eliachi powder.

Mixed Nuts Almonds and Pistachios.

Ingredients for Basundi

Stepwise pics for making Basudni

Creamy Basundi

Recipe Card for Basundi



Traditional Creamy Basundi with mixed nuts(almonds and pistachios), flavoured with kesar, cardamom and nutmeg.
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Prep Time 5 hrs
Cook Time 1 hr
Course Desserts, Indian Mithai Recipes
Cuisine Indian, Maharastrian


  • Heavy bottomed Pan


  • 1⅕ l Full Fat Milk
  • 1-2 tbsp Chironji use as required
  • 10-12 Mixed Nuts(Almonds, Pistachios)
  • Cane Sugar/Castor Sugar as per taste
  • 10-12 Kesar/Saffron Strands optional
  • ¼ tsp Nutmeg/Jaiphal Powder
  • ¼ tsp Cardamom Powder


  • Take a heavy bottomed pan/kadhai, add milk to it.
  • Boil milk b on medium flame. Once milk starts to boil, lower the flame and let it cook.
  • Keep on stirring the milk and scrapping the sides.
  • Optional- Make saffron milk. Add saffron strands in ¼Cup of milk. Let it stand.
  • Once milk starts to reduce and thicken, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, chironji, saffron milk.
  • Cook further till milk reduces to half.
  • Transfer to serving bowl . Chill for minimum 4-5 hrs.
  • Garnish with finely chopped mixed nuts. Serve as preferred.


Skip Chironji if not available, add coarsely chopped almonds, pistachios or cashew nuts. 


Do try this traditional dessert to celebrate your special occasions. I learned it from one of my neighbor in Mumbai. Made it for the Auspicious Occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi for my family.

Looking for what to make for Ganesh Chathurthi, check here, sweet and savory recipes for festivals.

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  1. This is irresistible dessert and one of my favorite and I make it often for get together as it is easy to prepare ahead and keep in fridge. With lot of nuts, it looks too tempting. Wish to pick the bowl.

  2. I totally adore basundi. I grew up with rich, delicious basundi in Gujarat, and till date celebrations have to include basundi, for me. Your post brings back fond memories. I love how sinful your basundi looks.

  3. Basundi with hot poori and dry aloo subji is our preferred festive food. I like how your basundi has turned out so creamy and topped with so many nuts it’s a delight for sure.

  4. Your post took me down the memory lane. This creamy rich Basundi loaded with nuts looks irresistible. I have many memories associated with this dish as I was growing up . Beautiful click.

  5. Swaty your basundi recipe brings back sweet memories. First, I can remember my mum simmering a huge potful of basundi for our huge family during Diwali. Occasionally, I had to help to stir the milk so it wouldn’t burn at the bottom. Secondly, during my wedding the main sweet dish was basundi. We absolutely love this creamy milk sweet dish. Yours looks so tempting.

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