Ganesh Chathurthi Festival and Recipes

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Ganesh Chaturthi and Collection of recipes for the auspicious Festival

Ganesh Chaturthi the ten-day festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh is here and all around the world his devotees are busy in welcoming him by decorating their homes and of course making his favorite sweets(mithai) as a bhog/ prasad(food that is offered to Gods in Hindu religion).

What is Ganesh Chathurthi

Ganesh Chathurti also known as Vinayak Chathurthi is one of the major festivals in India especially in Mumbai(Maharashtra) and South Indian States. Huge celebrations are planned in whole city and majority of people welcome Ganpati or Bappa in their home or society complexes.

It is celebrated in the month of August(end) or September(beginning). The festival is marked with bringing Ganesha home, publicly in big Pandals( made for gatherings) and serving Him for 10 days . On the 10th day the idol is immersed in nearby pond any water body.

Ganeshji or Bappa as he is fondly called in Northern part of India and Mumbai respectively, is  worshiped in form of kid. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Devi(Goddess) Parvati. He also has different 108 names and is known as the “Lord of New Beginnings”.

As per one of the famous mythological belief, kid Ganesha, comes down to earth for 10 days and stays with us. On 10th day he says bye to all of us and goes back to his mom Ma Parvati. Mom or Mommy is fondly called Ma in Indian languages.

Ganesha loves all kind of food especially sweets. His favourite sweet are known to be Modaks in Maharashtra and Southern India.

In Northern India, special Boondi Ladoos or Motichoor Ladoos are offered to him.

Being from North India, we didn’t have the custom of bringing Him home. We visited temple for Ganesha Darshan and Mom always made Rice Kheer on Ganesh Chathurthi and also we offered prasad of 21 Motichoor Ladoos.

When I say we bring him home or people bring him home, we bring beautiful Ganesh Idols, decorate Mandap or Pooja place or prayer place.During this time friends and relatives also come and visit Ganesh and take his blessings.

When we shifted to Mumbai we saw the tradition of bringing Bappa home(as Ganesha is fondly called in Mumbai). My daughter was around 5-6 years then and she insisted that we should also bring Him home. Since then we started the tradition of celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi at our place. Our’s may not be the traditional of following the rituals but we do it with full love and devotion!!

It’s been 9  years now that we started bringing Ganesha to our home and are celebrating the festival. We bring him home, decorate him with flowers, do pooja and offer him Kheer(Rice Pudding) and his favorite Mootichoor Ladoos and Besan Ladoos. He stays with us  for 1.5 days and them we  immerse him in the local river here.

Desserts and Special no-onion no-garlic dishes are prepared for bhog or prasad. Whatever we  eat is offered to Ganesha for Prasad. Lord Ganesha is just like special guest and treated with all the delicacies.

In this post I have compiled sweets/desserts that we can offer to Ganesha. Also there is a collection of few No onion No garlic snacks that you can prepare for offering and treating to guests who come to visit.

Indian Sweets/Mithai/Desserts

Chawal Ki Kheer/Rice Pudding

Most popular food that is offered to Gods in India since ancient times . Indian Rice Pudding in cooked in the traditional way with Basmati Rice and Milk flavored with cardamom. I make it every year especially for Ganpati!!

Rice Kheer(Indian version)/Chawal Ki Kheer

Malai Ladoo

Malai Ladoo, super quick and easy 2 ingredient ladoos for special occasions, made with Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese and sugar, flavored with cardamom  and saffron garnished with nuts.

Malai Ladoo

Layered Dark and White Chocolate Kalakand 

Quick and easy Layered Dark and White Chocolate Kalakand /Indian Fudge recipe with Dark and White chocolate. Give twist to your traditional kalakand, because Ganesha loves Chocolate too!!

Layered Dark and White Chocolate Kalakand

Coconut Ladoos 

Make these real quick and delicious Coconut ladoos with just two easily available ingredients.

Besan aur Badam Ke Ladoo

Another sweet that I make every year, is Besan Ke ladoo. One of the most famous Indian sweet loved by all age groups. Make besan ladoos more rich and yummy by adding almonds or badam.


A very popular Gujarati sweet made with besan or chickpea flour. So very easy to make and a crowd pleaser. Gluten-free dessert for everyone!!


Meethe Jave or Vermicelli Kheer

Meethe Jave/Vermicelli Kheer, dessert or pudding  made with jave or vermicelli noodles in thickened milk with nuts. 


If you thought making Kalakand is an elaborate process check out this recipe and make this traditional North Indian sweet in under 30 minutes.


Mathura Ke Pede

Mathura Ke Pede the famous sweet from the Holy City of Mathura. Easy peasy recipe with milk powder, no khoya required.

Chocolate Truffles

Yes Ganpati likes chocolates too!!

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Here is a collection of few Savoury snacks and dishes (no onion no garlic) a that you can make for Parsad and serve to guests also. 

Uppu Kozhukattai or Ulundu Kozhukattai 

Uppu Kozhukattai or– A Traditional Savory Rice Flour Steamed dumplings that are stuffed with a spicy lentil filling for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Shared by my dear friend Vidya Nayaran who blogs at MasalaChilli.

Iyengar Style Puliyogare Instant Rice 

Simple Tamarind Rice offered as Prasad in Iyengar temples. made with a special Puliyogare masala or paste. Don’t have time to make the masala for rice, make it from store bought Puliyogar

Lemon Rice

No onion no garlic Lemon rice, is usually prepared with left over rice, make this flavourful rice with fresh steamed rice.

Poha Chivda

Made by roasting flattened rice flakes(Poha) in very little or no oil along with added nuts like peanuts, cashew nuts and raisins.  Make ahead snack that can be made in bulk for large gatherings too..

Instant Khaman Dhokla

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vadas fried cutlets made with soaked Sabudana/Sago pearls mixed and mashed with boiled potatoes and coarsely ground peanuts.

Sabudana KhichdiSabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi/Tapioca Pearls  cooked  with boiled potatoes and peanuts flavored with Curry leaves and Green Chilies”.

Pindi Chole 

No onion No garlic Chole, serve with Jeera Rice or Ajwain Poori.. You can top it with sev, papadi and no onion no garlic chutneys. I make this for Bhog on one of the days when Ganapati is at home.

Dahi Vada

Split Black Gram Lentils Dumplings served in creamy sweet yogurt with tamarind chutney and green chutney. Perfect make ahead for large gatherings.

dahi vada

Bedmi Poori with Aloo Ki Subzi

Famous Bedmi Pooris from U.P  and Aloo ki Subzi. Serve with Boondi Raita, Amras(when mangoes are in season) and pickle!!

I wish you a very auspicious Ganesh Chathurthi. May Ganeshji bless you and your loved ones. He is also known as Vighanharta, the one who conquers all the obstacles.Praying Him removes all the obstacles and difficulties from your life!!

Hope you like the collection and find it useful. Do give to your feedback about the same.

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