Paneer Kathi Rolls

Paneer Kathi Rolls 1

There are times when you want to have something desi, something hatke(different), without the hassles of spending much time in the kitchen. This Jhatpat Kathi Roll recipe is a saviour, for those times. Kathi Rolls, popularly called ‘Rolls’ is one of the best street foods known. The spicy filling with chutneys and sauces, some pickled onions and veggies of your choice, wrapped in a Roti(Indian flatbread) is a complete meal in itself and taste bud tickling food!!

Kathi Rolls are believed to be first served at a popular restaurant in Kolkata, for the British officers of that time who wanted to eat kebabs without touching with hand(taking the bite with Naan/Roti) or to cater something quick and handy to the hurried office goers. These were a welcome change for people from the usual way of eating Kebabs. ‘Kathi’ name came up when wooden skewers came into use for roasting the Kebabs instead of the iron ones, ‘Kati’ means ‘wood’ in the Bengali language. ((Source: Wikipedia))

The wrap mainly used is made of maida / all purpose flour but now variety of Indian Flatbreads with healthy options are also used. Kebabs and marinated chicken or meat chunks were used as filling in the initial days but over the time people started using different fillings like paneer, potatoes or marinated veggies as per their food preferences(vegetarian or non-vegetarian) tastes and likes. Paneer Kathi Rolls are made with Paneer Tikka( marinated and roasted paneer chunks) or Kadhai Paneer (a kind of Paneer preparation in spices), with spicy and tangy coriander chutney, with some onions and veggies like lettuce/ bell peppers.

For these ‘Rolls’ I used tortilla wraps that saved the time for making chappatis, as I was in no mood to spend much time in cooking, you can use whole wheat chappatis, that I normally do. Also, making tikkas can takes time, so I made this paneer stir fry.For making the filling,  stir-fry onions, bell peppers and paneer and then cook in tomato puree with masalas, till all the masala coats paneer pieces. Add up green chutney with hung or thick curd/sour cream, layer it up with lettuce, a spoonful more of chutney, roll it and serve hot.  You can use tomato ketchup instead of green chutney for kids. I layer the roti/tortilla with tomato ketchup for my little one’s rolls as he can’t have the spicy green chutney.

These Rolls taste best when having it fresh, in case you plan to make it ahead of some party or for kids lunch box, some tips can help you in keeping the roll away from turning soggy.

  • Skip layering the tortillas/chapati with sauces or chutneys as the liquid content in it will turn the base soggy,
  • Let the filling cool down as hot filling also makes the outer wrap soggy,
  • Layer the tortilla/chapati with lettuce(if using) first then top with the filling.

So let’s start with the ingredients and then see the method to make ‘Jhatpat Kathi Rolls’.



Onions(thinly sliced)—–1 medium

Mixed Bell Peppers(Thinly Sliced)— around 1/2 cup


Tomato Ketchup—1-2 Tbsp

Hot Chilli Sauce—1 Tsp(optional)

Finely Chopped Coriander and Spring Onion Greens—-1- 2 Tbsp

Ginger/ Garlic Paste*–1 Tsp

Coriander Powder—1 Tsp

Red Chilli Powder— 1/4 Tsp( increase if you want it spicier)

Garam Masala—-1/2 Tsp

Sugar—a pinch

Salt— as per requirement

Oil (use any)—–1-2 Tbs

*For Ginger-Garlic paste, crush 1-2 garlic cloves and  1/2 inch ginger in a pestle.


For preparing the filling:

Cut Paneer into stripes as shown in the pic below.

Puree tomatoes.

Heat oil in a pan, add onions, bell peppers and stir fry on high flame for few seconds.Add in ginger-garlic paste and fry for few more seconds.

Add in Paneer stripes keep stir frying for few more seconds. Take off the flame and keep aside.

In the same hot pan, add tomato puree, and let it cook on medium flame for  2-3 minutes, add a pinch of sugar and mix well.

Add coriander powder, red chilly powder, garam masala powder and salt and give it a nice mix.

Add in tomato ketchup, chilli sauce(optional), and mix again.

Add the stir-fried onion, bell peppers and paneer and mix gently so that the masala coats the paneer and bell peppers nicely. Add and mix chopped coriander and green onions  Switch off the flame and transfer to a plate or a bowl.


Heat a griddle or tawa, using very little oil (optional), roast the tortilla/chappati for a few seconds so that it is just warm enough up. If you roast more these may become hard and dry.

Take one tortilla/chapati, spread some green chutney/ tomato ketchup on it. Spread a layer of thick curs/ sour cream. If you want you can mix together green chutney and yoghurt/sour cream together and then spread.

Put the filling and lettuce, and roll up from both the sides to wrap, and serve. You can seal the covering with a toothpick.

You can wrap half of the roll in a butter paper to serve. Also if you are packing for lunch, wrap in aluminium foil. ( See the tips above if you are packing for lunch or making ahead of a party).

With lettuce, you can add other salad veggies of your choice like grated carrots. I like adding lettuce only.

Mushrooms can also be used for filling along with paneer if you like it.

Paneer filling can be used for making sandwiches or goes well with plain chapatis along with any dals like Dal Makhani, Dal Tadka.

Make these Jhatpat Rolls for a quick dinner and enjoy with the beverage of your choice!!

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Will be soon updating similar recipes like Crunchy Paneer Wraps, Aloo Frankies, Chickpeas Shawarma, Burritos…

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