Loukoumades(Greek Donuts)

What are Loukoumades..

Loukoumades also known as Greek Donuts , are deep fried yeasted puffs soaked in honey or sugar syrup. These deep fried pastries are like donuts, that are traditionally soaked in sugar or honey syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon or powdered walnuts.  A perfect fried Loukoumades are crispy and golden from outside and airy and fluffy from inside.

I made these fried dough sweet balls  Day 3 of Week 3 at #97Blogging Marathon for the theme Flavours of Greece. Kids liked these fried balls and had it some chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. I saved 4-5 pieces for taking the pics 🙂

There are a lot of recipes available online, I decided to go with a eggless recipe. The dough mixed with yeast took around 1.5 hrs to rise, it may take less time in hot weather. Also, I used Instant Yeast, that doesn’t need any activation, if you are using active dry yeast, activate it in warm water it before adding to the flour.

Recipe adapted from here

Let’s see how I made this Greek Donuts(Loukoumades)..

Deep fried bite sized Greek sweet puffs (Greek Donuts) deep-fried and soaked in sugar or honey syrup sprinkled with cinnamon and crushed nuts. Greek Dessert Loukoumades Recipe.


Do try these easy to make greek donuts, something different but yet so similar in taste. Kids will love these, with or without ice cream or chocolate sauce and you can have these with your tea or coffee. Traditionally, Greek people have these with their coffee.


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Other recipes for the theme were.. Greek Salad and Spanakopita

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  1. Yum and delicious looking greek donuts. With honey on top I would just love to have one now.

  2. oh we love these cute donuts, and we get this here in almost every fair and markets! Such a delicious snack! Looks very tempting!

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