Tadka Dahi

Tadka Dahi or Dahi Tadka made with yogurt tempered with Indian spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds and herbs like curry leaves or cilantro leaves.

Chilled Tadka Dahi is a perfect recipe for the hot scorching summers when you want to have something light and cool and filling with your roti, rice or paranthas. It is prepared in almost all parts of the country with some variations in the tempering used. Like in North India we add the tempering of cumin seeds, hing/asafoetida, onions and sometimes garlic. In Gujarat it is known as Vagharelu Dahi and the tempering is made with garlic chutney and green chillies. In South India Curd rice is very popular and the tempered curd is known aa thayir correct me if I and wrong..

Today, I am here with the recipe of Tadka Dahi in South Indian flavours with curry leaves. I am from North India and when we were kids , curry leaves were not  very popular in our part of the country. Mom used to make the North Indian style dahi tadka sometimes in summers. I first had this in South Indian flavours, years back at a famous Udipi restaurant in Delhi. It was served with Vadas and Idli, since then I often make this especially with Idlis, Khichdi or our Mix Veg. Tahari. This goes well with paranthas and you will like to have it just like that also.

Yogurt and it’s benefits..

Yogurt/Dahi/ or curd as it is known in India is a part of regular meal in almost every house irrespective of the state and region. Especially in summers it forms a part of daily diet in different form like buttermilk, raita or lassi or used food preparations(currys, flatbreads). Yogurt cools down the body and is good for digestion. It is a rich source of calcium and probiotic bacteria.

Did you know yogurt is very good for skin and hair and it also helps to lose weight if you have it as per ayurvedic rules and your body type..

Tadka Dahi is very easy to make and takes only 5 minutes to make this delicious refreshing treat..

  • We need chilled yogurt, curry leaves, a tsp of urad dal (split black gram) and chana dal(split chickpeas), dry whole red chilli, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and very little oil.
  • The yogurt should not be sour.Taka Dahi doesn’t taste nice with sour yogurt . Add some sugar or honey or any sweetener to sweeten the yogurt.
  • Prepare the tempering and add to the beaten curd. You can have it immediately or chill it and then consume.
  • Top it with finely chopped fresh cilantro/coriander leaves before serving.

    Tadka Dahi

    Tadka Dahi or Dahi Tadka made with yogurt tempered with Indian spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds and herbs like curry leaves or cilantro leaves.
    Prep Time 5 mins
    Cook Time 1 min
    Total Time 6 mins
    Cuisine Indian, South Indian
    Servings 2


    • 1 Cup Fresh Yogurt/Curd
    • 1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds/Rai
    • 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
    • 1 tsp Mixed Chana Dal and Urad Dal
    • 1-2 Dry Whole Red Chilies
    • 4-5 Curry Leaves
    • 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder optional(use as per spice tolerance)
    • 1 tsp Olive Oil
    • 1-2 tsp Sugar or any sweetner


    • Add sugar in yogurt and beat till it is smooth. If the yogurt is too thick, add 2-3 tbsp of water.
    • In a pan, heat oil, mustard seeds, once the seeds crackle, add cumin seeds ,curry leaves, red chillies and dals.
    • Roast dals for a minute. Add red chilli powder and add the tempering to yogurt.
    • Serve chilled.


    The yogurt should not be sour. Tadka Dahi doesn't taste nice with sour yogurt
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I had made Instant Ragi Idlis and served these with Dahi Tadka. Soft and spongy Idlis taste wonderful with this yogurt preparation.

You can have this for morning breakfast with paranthas or even chillas or instant dosa . Do try yogurt this way and I am sure you will surely love it. Cool Cool and refreshing!!

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