Moradabadi Dal Chaat

Moradabadi Dal Chaat recipe

A lesser known recipe from Moradabad, a town from Western Uttar Pradesh India, famous for it’s brass and wooden handicraft!!

Moradabadi Dal Chaat, a delicious chaat/snack made with Split Yellow Moong Lentils/Yellow Moong Dal, topped with onions, tomatoes, chutneys and papdi/crackers.

Moradabadi Dal Chaat

Guest Post

This is a guest post that I did for Kalyani’s blog-Sizzling Taste Buds!!

I met Kalyani in Blogosphere in one of the facebook food group!! A wonderful blogger to who creates easy to cook recipes, lots of vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Kids friendly recipes, muffins, snacks and main course  and what not… from authentic South Indian Cuisine to International. I really appreciate her simple and to the point writing style.

When I recieved Kalyani’s invite where she requested  that she will love if I post any of my family’s traditional recipe or any of the old forgotten recipe from my side of cuisine. I have lots of my family’s and regional recipes,on the blog. One of the recipe that still was pending to post was this Moradabadi Dal Chaat. It is a very simple dal/lentil recipe, but it is especially served on special occasions like marriage parties, in the region. Toppings served with this lentil take it to another level, and it is relished by kids and grownups alike.

These days many big hotels are serve it as part of Food Festivals, through which they are reviving the lost and lesser known recipes of Indian Cuisine.

A brief intro about Moradabadi Dal Chaat.. 

We never lived in Moradabad, but many times dad visited this place for official work. There, in a party (years back) he had this delicious Dal chaat. Dad loved this way of serving Dal and since then it became quite a regular in our house. Moong Dal is a main course item which was is usually served as main course with rice or chapatis. I am sure most of the kids and even grown ups are not very fond of Moong Dal. Many people have it when not feeling well for light dinner.

This dal recipe also has fond memories for us , as mom used to make during chilly winters  and we had it topped with lots of onions, tomatoes, sweet tamarind chutney . Me and my sister looked forward to it having it with lots of papadi and namkeen as as no chapati was served with dal. It was followed by our favorite garam garm(warm) Gajar Ka Halwa!!  Kids love such dinners na!!:)

There are many online references on the history.. you can check this link if interested  to know more..For detailed read on .. Moradabadi Moong Chaat History 

Over to Kalyani’s blogpost for the details and recipe of Moradabadi Dal Chaat

Hope you will like this easy, simple but delicious Moradabadi Dal Chaat recipe as much as my family loves it.

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