Fudgy Brownies(with Eggs)


Fudgy Brownies with Eggs
Fudgy Brownies with Eggs

Brownies… A Chocolate dessert that is slightly crisp, crinkled at the top, fudgy/gooey inside, that is neither a cake nor a cookie; neither a truffle nor a fudge… it is something.. something.. Divine. Ask any chocolate lover who is mad about brownies… I won’t be wrong!! 🙂 Each brownie lover has their own favourite Brownie. Some like it chewy, some like it cakey and like it fudgy and gooey and there some who like to have everything in one bite!!

My elder one loves anything Chocolate and it is ‘The Best ‘ if it’s a ‘Brownie’. I am not much of a chocolate person, but when I bake these treats I don’t mind have a piece or two!!! There is something about a Brownie.

When I  started with baking, I experimented with lots of recipes available on the net. This recipe that gives the perfect Fudgy Brownies. I used this recipe to make brownies for my clients who liked brownies neither too chewy nor too fudgy.

How to get a perfect Brownie..

A brownie is done when it gets a thin shining crust, and the sides just start to come away from the sides of the tin. Many check the doneness of the brownie with a toothpick test, it shouldn’t come out clean, the little batter should stick to it. But wait, at times, it this can give you slightly underbaked brownies. For properly baked brownies, after the toothpick test, shake the tin a little, if the batter is little wiggly in the centre, bake it for 5 more minutes. Be alert while baking a Brownie if you want it to be perfect the way you like… a delay a minute or two and you get a drier brownie.

Let’s get gather the ingredients and start with our baking.

Fudgy Brownie Recipe
Fudgy Brownie Recipe


  • All Purpose Flour— 3/4 cup / 88 gms
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder—1/8 cup/ 2 Tbsp/ 12 gms
  • Unsweetened Chocolate—75 gms
  • Butter—1/2 cup / 113g
  • Castor Sugar—2/3 cup / 85g
  • Brown Sugar—1/4 cup / 40g
  • Eggs—3 nos.(medium)
  • Chopped Nuts —100g
  • Vanilla Essence–5 ml


(Please refer to the pics below, move on the cursor or click on individual images for caption)

  1. Sift together flour and cocoa powder.
  2. Chop chocolate into pieces and melt with butter on double broiler/microwave. I used chocolate pieces used for baking, added a few chocolate chips along with it. Let it cool completely.
  3. Mix eggs, vanilla essence and sugar together. Don’t whip/beat eggs, only mix until the sugar dissolves.
  4. Fold in with the chocolate-butter mixture.
  5. Fold in the flour and cocoa mix, and finally add lightly dusted nuts. Don’t overbeat the batter.
  6. Transfer to a pan and bake at 350° F or 162°C in a preheated oven. It takes approx. 25-30 minutes to bake. I used 8X8 pan. Baking time may differ as per your oven setting, cake tin used.
  7. Once done, check for the doneness. Refer Classic Brownie recipe for pointers on checking the doneness.
  8. Leave to cool completely before cutting into desired pieces.


Fudgy Brownies
Fudgy Brownies

I frosted some of the pieces with Chocolate Ganache, topped with chocolate chips and some I left without frosting for me and my hubby!! Enjoy brownies with any chocolate topping with my coffee or even a hot cup of milk.

This is the basic recipe for Brownie, will be uploading recipes with variations in flavours and how to use brownie in a dessert. Check for other Brownie recipes. Classic  Brownies, Eggless Brownie,Eggless Blondies and many more.

Please give you feedback and follow the blog for interesting food stories and recipes!!!

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