Mango Mousse(Egg-free and Gelatin-Free)


Mango Mousse perfect summer delight that can be made quickly in less than 15 minutes. This mousse recipe is an egg-free and gelatin free. I have used whipped cream and Jello Pudding to give the foamy texture. I make eggless mousse using just whipped cream with fruit puree or chocolate, avoid adding gelatin as I don’t like it’s after-flavor and moreover it is an animal by-product.also, I don’t avoid adding raw eggs to any of the food preparations. While learning desserts in my bakery course I used gelatin but then since I don’t like the flavor that comes with it, I avoid using it. I know Jello too has some amount of gelatin in it but there are certain flavors of Jello pudding like Vanilla that are gelatin free. I wanted to try something with the pudding more than just pudding with fruits or nuts. I had a potluck dinner coming up and since I had decided to make Mango Mousse for it. I had a pack of Jello pudding-French Vanilla lying in the kitchen cupboard and since Vanilla flavor of Jello is gelatin free, I decided to use it for making mousse. Believe me, the mousse came out so well much better than the whipped cream one, it was actually foamy, airy so flavorful!! Adding pudding to it gave it the texture that comes with the addition of whipped egg-whites.Everyone at the dinner loved it!! So next time whenever you want to make the egg-free and gelatin-free mousse, do try using vanilla jello pudding.I don’t believe in using much of the store bought ready to eat products due to various additives but using it once in a while is no harm!! 🙂

Mango Mousse 8

It’s a quick recipe. You need mango puree from fresh mangoes or canned one will just be fine, whipped cream and a pack of jello pudding.

Please Note:

  • If you don’t have jello pudding pack, no worries, just whip up the cream and mix it up with mango puree and few mango pieces and chill….see so easy!!
  • Store-bought mango pulp can also be used for making the mousse.
  • Sugar in mousse can be adjusted as per the sweetness of mangoes. If mangoes are more tart or less sweet you can adjust sugar as per your taste. If you are using store-bought mango puree, add less sugar as there is already sugar in it.
  • Mousse should be prepared 4-5 hrs before the serving time as it takes time to set and also it tastes best when chilled!! Don’t freeze it.
  • I am giving both the methods to make Mousse–with Jello Pudding and without Jello Pudding. The taste remains same only the texture will be a little different.

Let’s quickly see how it made this oh so easy and yummy mango mousse!!



Whipped Cream–1 cup

Jello Pudding(Vanilla/French Vanilla)–1 Pack of 3.4 Oz/96g

Milk– 1 cup

Sugar–2-3 Tbsp(as required)


Refer to the pics at the end of instructions, click on or move cursor on the image for caption

Wash, cut and peel mangoes. Puree 3 mangoes and finely chop the fourth one and keep aside for later use.

Whip the cream. For steps on how to whip cream click here. Keep refrigerated until further use.

Take milk in a bowl, add pudding mix and beat till it gets thickened.

Add mango puree, some of the mango pieces and fold-in with whipped cream and then into the pudding mix.

If you don’t have Jello Pudding like it not available in India or you don’t want to use it, just skip the step of making pudding, whip the cream and fold in mango puree and pieces. Adjust sugar in the cream as per the sweetness of mangoes.

Transfer the mousse into individual mousse glasses or serving dishes and keep in refrigerator to chill.

Take out just before serving, garnish with more mango pieces and enjoy!!

Make it for your guests or take to potluck it is a perfect and easy dessert that can be made ahead or make for your kids and family, they are surely going to love this version of Mango Mousse!!

Mango Mousse
Mango Mousse 9

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  1. With the Indian mango season in full swing here – I can’t wait to try out your interesting recipe. It’s certainly a delicious way to enjoy a mousse.

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