Double Chocolate Banana Bread–Eggless

double Chocolate Banana Bread

If you love banana bread and if you love chocolate, this Double Chocolate Banana Bread recipe is just right for you. Made with whole wheat flour, loaded with the goodness of bananas and topped with chocolate chips and walnuts for crunch, this is a perfect recipe for kids lunch boxes, quick breakfast or snack time. Top it with some Chocolate fudge sauce it makes perfect anytime dessert!! Trust me this is one of the best Egg-free Banana bread recipes that uses only yogurt. A no-fuss healthy recipe and the best way to use over-ripe bananas. Whenever I have some overripe bananas I make this banana bread. My elder one doesn’t like bananas not even in muffins or quick breads but she eats this one without complaining as it has loads of chocolate. I have used 1:1 ratio of whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour. You can be used either of the flour. If using only whole wheat flour, add a little milk to the if batter becomes dry.

Let’s see how I make this delicious and flavorful banana bread.temp-1366


Whole Wheat Flour– 1 Cup

All-Purpose Flour– 1 Cup

Over-ripe Bananas– 2

Cocoa Powder– ¼ Cup

Chocolate Chips–  ½ Cup

Yogurt– 3/4 cup

Baking Powder–1 Tsp

Baking Soda–½ Tsp

Brown Sugar– 1 Cup( add 1/4 or more if you like it sweeter)

Olive Oil– 1/4 Cup

Walnuts– 50 g

Vanilla Essence– 1 Tbsp

Salt– a pinch


Sieve together whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and baking powder.

Mash the bananas very finely and keep aside.

Chop walnuts very finely. You can also add other nuts like almonds, pecans or cashews.

In a clean bowl, beat together oil and brown sugar till sugar dissolves.

Add yogurt and vanilla essence and mix well.

Add banana puree, and mix well.

Add the flour mix and fold the batter lightly. No need to mix well if any lumps remain, that it just fine.

Add the dusted chocolate chips and finely chopped walnuts into the batter. Keep aside some for topping on the bread.

 Transfer the batter in a greased and dusted loaf pan.

Bake in a pre-heated oven for 45-50 minutes.

Once baked check the doneness of bread with the toothpick test. Insert a toothpick in the middle of the bread, if it comes out clean bread is done. to get the full flavor of bananas in the bread cover the bread with aluminum foil and leave it in the oven for around 1/2 hr.

Transfer carefully the baked bread on a wire rack and let it cool. Once it cools down completely, cut the bread into pieces and store in an air-tight container. It stays good for a week in the refrigerator and can be frozen for a month.


Have it just like that or top it with some chocolate sauce or vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

Make this delish banana bread and do post your feedback in comments. Follow the blog for more such healthy and yummy recipes.

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