Maa Chane Di Dal

Maa Chane Di dal Recipe| Learn how to make Punjabi Maa Chane ki Dal or Maa Choley Di dal 

Maa Chane Di Dal

Maa Chane Di Dal a famous Dal or Lentil from the state of Punjab in India.

Maa means “Mother” and Chole stands for Split Chickpea Lentil/Chane ki Dal used in Dal along with Split Black Gram Lentils/Chilka Urad. Dal cooked by Moms for their beloveds!!

Maa Chole Di Dal is different from Maa Ki Dal that made with Whole Black Gram Lentils(Kali Dal or Saboot Urad). It is most popular lentil dish from Punjab also known as the famous Dal Makhani!! Since Dal Makhani is made with loads of butter and cream at times it is heavy on the stomach for few and one can’t consume it on daily basis. Maa Chane Di  Dal is light on the stomach as it is made in less ghee also the lentils used in the Dal are light on the stomach.

How is Maa Chane /di Dal is different from Maa ki Dal

Maa Choley Di Daal is also known as Langar Wali Dal or Maa Choley Di Dal and is served in the langars in Gurudwaras( Langars-community kitchen and Gurudwara-Holy place of worship for Sikhs).

Years back when I was in Chandigarh we used to go to Gurudwara especially on Guru Purab Day (an auspicious day for the followers of Sikhism) have this special meal of Langar Wali Dal, Aloo Gobhi (Cauliflower and Potatoes Indian styled veg.) and Tandoori Chapatis. Though the Dal is made in every home of Punjab and I also make it quite often but no one can never compare the taste from that made in langars. I think it is the faith and selfless service and love of the devotees who prepare the food, goes into it.

Pipping hot Dal, with subzi and hot Tandoori Roti made fresh on the spot on the clay tandoors gives it a whole mystical taste. And not to forget the Kada Prasad or Guru Prasad (the sweet Whole Wheat flour pudding in Desi Ghee made for offering) offered daily to the devotees who visit Gurdwara.

Maa Choley ki Dal

Coming back to Maa Chane Di Dal is made with two Dals/Lentils, split black gram lentil(Chilka Urad) and split chickpea lentil(Chana Dal). I also add some Red Lentils/Dhuli Masoor to it. My neighbour (while we were in Chandigarh) used to add this to the lentils, she told me this adds more creaminess to the dal. While in Punjab you can buy the packs of mixed Dal that many stores.

How to make rich in flavors Maa Chane Di Dal 

There is no need to soak the dal for hours like Whole Urad for Dal Makhani.

Soak all the three lentils just 10-15 minutes before you make it.

The rich flavor and aroma of the dal comes from the use of ginger and garlic in it. Adding some extra ginger while the dal is cooking adds on to the taste of the dish.

Tempering of onion tomato masala for the dal is made in desi ghee. You can use any oil of your choice, but desi ghee makes it more flavorful.

In my earlier posts also I have always insisted on the use of desi ghee(in moderation as it’s own set of health benefits especially for the growing up kids).

Tempering Dal with cumin and red chilli powder in desi ghee just before serving takes the taste of the dish to another level!! yummm again feeling hungry😋🙂.

Maa Chane ki Dal

Recipe Card for Maa Chane ki Daal

A rich, creamy and full of rustic flavors Maa Choley Di Dal, made with Spilt Black Gram, Split Chickpea lentils and Red Lentils. earn how to make Langar Wali Dal or Maa Choley/Chane Di Dal.

Stepwise pics

Pressure Cook Dal

Prepare Tempering

Maa Chane Di Dal

What goes best with Maa Chane Di Dal

This Dal is best enjoyed with hot chapatis or phulkas and Steamed Rice/Jeera Rice. This goes well with Naan breads also. For homemade Naan bread recipe click here. Spicy Aloo Gobhi along with a glass Chass/Indian Buttermilk will give you the Dhaba(roadside restaurants in India) experience or the humble langar experience.

Lunch Thali with Maa Chane ki Dal

Hope you will like my version of this rustic Maa Chane/Choley Di Dal or Langar Wali Dal.

I am taking my hot pipping Maa Chane Di Dal or Maa Choley Di Dal to #122 My Legume Love Affair, hosted by Renu of Cook with Renu. The event was started by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook and Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen who have been hosting a series this series for a while. I met Renu on one of the facebook groups, check her blog here. A well-organized blog with detailed recipes of Indian and International Cuisine. So when she announced the event on her page, I gladly grabbed the opportunity to participate in it. Renu is hosting this event for the first time and this also my first time in the event.

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  1. Can have bowlful of this dal anytime such a hearty and flavourful recipe, I used to make it on a same way as you prepared but didn’t add masoor dal but will add next time, thanks for sharing.

  2. Swaty, your post on Maa Chane Di Dal brings back such warm memories. When we were kids, we would go to the Gurudwara in Makindu, which is outside Nairobi and enjoy this dal with hot rotis. Its so flavorful and a comforting meal.

  3. You have used a lovely combination of 3 dalls. All healthy and full of proteins. I love the way you cook them first before adding the tadka.

  4. This dal looks so tempting and like you said I bet it tastes even more amazing at the langaar.

  5. I just the love the way you have explained different types of dals… Dals are very popular at my home and this one looks superb

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