Aloo Tikki Burger.. the McDonald’s Way( Burger with Spicy Potato Patty)



Aloo Tikki Burger(Burger with Potato Patty) one of the most loved veggie burger option at McDonald’s in India. Kids love it and so do adults. The crispy aloo patty, topped with the tangy tomato mayo sauce, in burger buns is a vegetarian’s delight.

I remember we had burgers somewhere in Delhi and since restaurants in our town didn’t serve any burgers at that time(this seems like a long time  now;) ), we made it at home, the patty was a simple one made with boiled potatoes, coriander(Cilantro) leaves, some bread pieces all mashed up together with some masala, fried and served on a bun with onions and tomatoes and ketchup. McDonald’s changed the way burgers were eaten. The happy meals for kids and the economic burgers (with the mayo sauces that were introduced with burgers) became an instant hit with everyone.

I love experimenting copycat recipes of the famous restaurants’ foods that I like. 2-3 years back, I experimented with making aloo patties and veggie patties just like McDonald’s. After experimenting with various recipes available on the net, I finally have a recipe that suits my convenience. Here in the US, we (especially my elder one who loves Mc Aloo Tikki burger and Mc Paneer Wraps) don’t miss much of our McDonald’s favourites like Veggie Burger, and other menu items like chilli paneer pockets, Pizza McPuff and of course, the French Fries, as I can conveniently make these at home. The patties can be used as burger patties or you can make small patties like cutlets and serve as snacks with sauces and hung curd dips without burger buns. These patties can be frozen for about a month so you can make and store for your parties, anytime quick snack/dinner option. Much better than the store-bought frozen patties can be deep/shallow fried or baked as per your choice. Enjoy the burgers with tangy tomato mayo sauce just the way it is served at McDonald’s. These burgers also go well with the Mint dip made with mint chutney and mayonnaise or hung curd.

To make these patties, I fry potatoes and peas in little oil with dry masalas, the way we make jeera aloo mixture. If you want you can skip this step (I feel it gives nice aroma and flavour to the tikki), mix together everything and make patties.

The recipe may seem long, but it is extremely easy and quick one.

Let’s gather the ingredients and make everyone’s favourite Aloo Tikki Pattis for Burgers.

Total time:  60 minutes ( Includes 10-15 minutes of cooling time for potato patty mixture; 30 minutes of chilling time for patty setting)

Makes around 6-8 medium-sized burger patties. Refer to the pics at the end of the method. Click or move cursor for the caption


For Making Aloo Patties

Large Potatoes(boiled and kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 hrs)—-3 nos.

Peas— 1/2 cup (I have used frozen peas)

Poha (Flattened Rice)—3-4 Tbsp

Jeera(Cumin Seeds)—1Tsp

Dry Masala Powders:

Coriander Powder–1 Tsp,

Red Cilli Powder–1/2 Tsp,

Red Chilli Flakes–1/4 Tsp( add more if you want more spicy patty),

Chat Masala–1/2 Tsp,

Black Salt(Kala Namak)–as required

Cornstarch—4-5  Tbsp

Cornmeal(Makki ka Aatta)–2-3 Tbsp

Oil– 1 Tbsp +1 tsp

Oil for frying

For making Burgers:

Burger Buns–depending on the no. of burgers you want to make

Prepared Aloo Tikkis patties

Tangy Tomato Mayo Sauce

Minty Mayo Sauce(optional)

Sweet Mustard Sauce–store-bought(optional)

Onion thinly sliced into rings

Tomatoes thinly sliced

For Tangy Tomato Mayo Sauce:

Tomato Ketchup– 4 Tbsp

Mayonnaise– 4 Tbsp

Hot Sauce– 1 Tsp

Mix together all the sauces.

You can adjust the amount of sauces and mayo as per your requirement and spice level.

For Mint Dip:

Mint Coriander Chutney—4 Tbsp

Mayo / Sour Cream / Hung Yoghurt(Curd)–4 Tbsp

Sugar– 1/4 tsp(if using sour cream or hung curd)

Mix together chutney with either of the above ingredients.


Boil potatoes, let them cool completely and keep in the refrigerator for few hours before making the patties.

Soak poha in water for a minute or so, drain water and keep aside.

In a pan heat oil, add cumin seeds once they are light brown, add peas and fry a little. Mash peas with a masher or wooden spoon.

Combine all the dry masala powders along with salt and add to peas.

Mash potatoes, and add with peas mash a little more and mix well. Add poha and mix very nicely with potatoes.

Take off the flame, and let the mixture cool.

Meanwhile, take 2-3 tbsp of cornstarch, 1 tbsp of cornmeal and make a slurry using 3-4 tbsp water. If the slurry is thick, add a tbsp of water or if it gets thick add a tsp some cornstarch accordingly. If you want, add few chill flakes to the slurry. Also in another bowl take 1-2 tbsp of cornflour with a pinch of salt for dusting patties.

Mix rest of the cornstarch and cornmeal with breadcrumbs in a bowl/plate, add 1/4 tsp of salt.Please note: You can increase the amount of cornstarch and cornmeal accordingly if you are making a large batch of patties.

Once the mixture is cooled, take a portion of the mixture, form into patties.

Take one patty, dip into the slurry, transfer to the breadcrumbs mixture and coat it well.Press the breadcrumbs mixture nicely on the patty.

Make rest of the patties accordingly and arrange in another plate or tray. When all the patties are done, cover the tray with a cling wrap and keep in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes (or maximum an hour). It helps to keep the patties firm while frying or grilling.(Please Notes below)

To freeze, store in a ziplock bag or an air-tight container. Do not thaw before use. The moisture will seep into the patties and it will break while frying.

Heat oil in a kadhai or thick bottomed pan and fry the patties, until golden brown. You can shallow fry the patties in a pan with less oil or brush it with oil and grill in oven.

Note: Cornstarch and Cornmeal make the patty extra crisp and also binds the patty together. Dusting the patty keep it from getting extra moist while dipping in the slurry.

Dipping the patty in the slurry and then keeping in the refrigerator for setting after coating with breadcrumbs, helps in keeping the coating of the breadcrumbs well intact with the patty.

Assembling burgers:

I used store-bought burger buns, you can use homemade buns also, will be soon uploading Home-made Burger Bun recipe.

Heat a non-stick griddle or tawa, toast the bun with little oil.

Take half of the bun, place lettuce leaves(if you don’t want lettuce leaves you can skip it, as in original McDonald’s Aloo Tikki burger no lettuce leaves are used).

Place the sauce or chutney of your choice, my kids, and hubby like it with tangy tomato-mayo sauce, and I like it with minty mayo with some sweet mustard.

Place onion rings, then patty and then a tomato slice, top it with more sauce and cover with the other half of the burger.


Pics showing how to assemble the burgers somehow got deleted will soon upload that.


Enjoy the delicious fresh homemade hot burgers. I also served some Crunchy Paneer Nuggets along with burgers that I already had in the freezer, just had to fry those.

Make these aloo patties at home and enjoy the burgers, you surely will get compliments about making it way much better McD!!

Please give your feedback in comments. Follow the page for more interesting recipes like this.

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