Aam Panna(Raw Mango Drink)


Aam Panna, a summer drink made from raw mangoes(locally known as Kairi/Aami) mixed with spices and mint served chilled that you can gulp down in seconds but the taste lingers almost forever and refreshes you instantly. When summer heat drains out the energy and takes away the appetite summer coolers are the best rescuers!! People in India make different types of cold drinks like Shkanjavi(traditional Indian lemonade), Lassi(yogurt based sweet drink), Chass(Indian Buttermilk), Kokam(traditional drink from Coastal India) and many more. Every region has it’s own traditional summer cold drink that quenches the thirst, keep you feeling full and satisfied without feeling heavy. Nothing beats the summer heat and tiredness a chilled glass of these cold drinks!!

Coming back to Aam Panna, it is most popular in North Indian states and Maharastra or the mango growing regions. Raw mango is available only at the beginning of mango season (March-April) for a very short time and people take full advantage of it. It is used for making finger licking pickles and chutneys (that can be preserved all around the year), curries. Raw mango is an excellent source of Vit. C, Vit. B1 and B2 and Niacin. It is used in the cure of tuberculosis, anemia and dysentery or beneficial in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and dehydration that can occur due to excessive heat.


Back in India, I always made Aam Panna whenever raw mangoes were available. This Sunday when I went to Indian Grocery Store, I saw raw mangoes there and instantly I picked up some good ones to make Aam Panna and my favorite Aami Ki Sabzi( Raw Mango curry made in jaggery/sugar and spices like cumin and fennel seeds). It is very easy to make Aam Panna. Boil whole raw mangoes with peel to soften the pulp, and then cook the pulp in sugar/gur(jaggery) and mint leaves with roasted cumin seeds, saunf (fennel) and black salt to enhance the flavor. I make a concentrate of Amm Panna that stays good for 10-15 days in the refrigerator. The amount of sugar added to it depends on the tartness of mango pulp. Adjust as per your requirement. Just add it to a glass of chilled water and few ice cubes(if you want)  and enjoy the sweet and tangy drink that will energize and refresh your senses!!

Aam Panna


Let’s see how I make this sweet and tangy Aam Panna.


Raw Mango(Aami/Kairi)–500g

Sugar– 300/ 1.5 cups

Mint leaves–7-8

Roasted Cumin– 2 Tsp

Black Salt– as per taste

Fennel Seeds–½ Tsp

Black Pepper–4-5

Ginger(crushed)–½ Tsp

Lemon Juice–2 Tbsp


Wash nicely raw mangoes and put in a pan filled with water to boil. You will see 1 big mango in pictures, as I got large size mangoes from the store(that’s what they had!!), each one weighed around 500g. It will take around 30-40 minutes for the pulp to soften. The skin will lose its green color and get a light yellow color once the pulp softens. You can also use a pressure cooker to cook mango. It will shorten the cooking time. Check after 2 whistles if the mangoes are cooked.

Take out the mango from water, and when it is cool enough to handle peel of the skin and take out the pulp in a bowl.

Transfer the pulp to a pan, add sugar*, mint leaves and saunf (fennel seeds) and black pepper, kala namak (black salt) and cook on medium flame for another 10-15 minutes. Add lemon juice, mix well and switch off the flame.

Add roasted and crushed cumin seeds.

Blend the mixture in a blender or you can use hand blender also.

Let it cool down completely and store in a glass bottle. Refrigerate it.

*Jaggery can also be added in place of sugar the color of the drink will be different.

How To have:

Take a 3/4 part water and 1/4 part Amm Panna, or adjust the amount of Aam Panna as per your taste. Add some ice cubes and you can add few fresh crushed mint leaves in it.

So before Raw Mangoes disappear from stores and grab some, make and relish this yummy Indian Summer cooler!!


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