Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda

Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda Recipe with Lemons and Indian Spices to beat the heat

Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda

Quench your never ending thirst in hot summers, with a glass of chilled Masala Lemonade with spices like cumin powder, black salt, black pepper and mint leaves. 

Masala Lemonade or better known as Masala Nimbu Soda in Northern India is the one the original summer cooler from India. Easily made at home with lemons/lime and few handy spices. You can serve it with plain water or mixed with carbonated water/soda/sparkling water. It is one of the ultimate thirst quencher for Indian summers!!

In North Indian cities specially in Delhi and Western U.P region it is sold by street vendors. Due to high heat in summers, people drink these summer coolers to keep the body cool.

Indian Summers are long and very hot. To fight the dreading heat, from ancient times have our own natural summer coolers. Nowadays we have the luxury of living AC homes and moving in AC cars, not always it was like this. People relied on nature and natural ingredients to keep the body cool and hydrated.

Masala Nimbu Soda

Masala Lemonade/ Masala Nimbu Soda

Masala Lemonade is one such summer coolers that is not only delicious but also the spices used in it also benefit the body and digestive system.

If you have being to Delhi or the Northern parts of India, during summers you must have seen shops and cart vendors selling different kinds of cold drinks. One very unique from Delhi region is the Masala Lemonade Soda,  popularly known as Banta/Balti Soda/Kanche Wali Bottle or Goli Soda.  It is also one of the cheapest summer drink that is easily available to the masses.

Kanche Wali Bottle is a special Glass Bottle that has this special soda.  It is known as Goli Soda, as the packed bottle has a marble in it. To open this, marble has to be pushed down. Marble in hindi is ‘Goli’.

To serve it the vendor mixes this soda with lemon juice and spices. One glass is frizzy drink is so filling and refreshing that you instantly feel refreshed!! And trust me don’t try to gulp it down all at once or with a straw!! Due to Soda in it. you know what I mean here 😉 !!

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Lemon Love!!

It is summer time and lot of fresh lemons are available in stores and markets., For me lemons and summers go hand in hand. Apart from Lemonades and cocktails, lemon juice is used as a quick and easy dressing for salads(Kachumber Salad).

To add the citrsuy touch to your desserts like cheesecakes, use it in baking cakes, cookies, scones and muffins.

Not only it perks up the taste of desserts but is also very well used in savory preparations like Lemon Rice(Lemon Rice), Soups(Lemon Coriander Amla Soup) and curries.

#248LemonLove is the Theme for this week’s Foodie Monday Bloghop facebook group. This Citrusy Theme was suggested by Waagmi. You have to checkout her blog for the amazing pics that she takes for her recipes. Waagmi made these Lemon Cookies for the theme. I also will like to try this soft and moist Lemon Cake from her blog!

I am linking my Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda with the theme.

How to make Masala Lemonade / Masala Nimbu Soda

Ingredients for Masala Lemonade

The main flavor of this masala nimbu comes from spices like Roasted Jeera Powder/Cumin Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Black Salt. Sugar/Jaggery Powder are used a sweetener.

Fresh Ginger, Handful of Fresh Mint Leaves/Dried Mint (a tsp) to add the refreshing flavor.

Please note.. if you are making Lemonade to have it later, than do not add fresh mint leaves , as lemonade may turn bitter after sometime. Add dried mint leaves,

Add Chilled Water/ Chilled Soda to enjoy the refreshing taste. Or, you can add equal proportion of water and soda.

Spices and mint along with lemon not only adds on to the flavor but are also good for the digestive system and cools down the body.

Benefits of Lemon are known to all of us. One the richest source of Vit. C these are store house of antioxidants. Vit. C in lemons helps in boosting the immunity and helps in weight loss. Good for skin, digestion and helps prevents kidney stones.

Variations of Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda

Add Strawberry Crush for Strawberry Masala Lemonade and Mango Puree Mango to make Masala Lemonade

Let’s make Masala Lemonade/Masala Soda

Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda

Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda

Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda Recipe for Summers with lemons, spices like cumin seeds, black pepper and salt. Make Delhi's favourite Masala Soda/Banta/Goli Soda at home.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Course Beverages
Cuisine Indian


  • Blender


  • 2-4 Cups Chilled Carbonated Water/Water
  • 1" Fresh Ginger
  • 8-10 Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 1 tsp Dried Mint Leaves
  • 2-3 tsp Roasted Cumin Powder/Jeera Powder
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper Powder
  • Black Salt or Kala Namak(as per taste) or use Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1/4 cup Raw Cane Sugar/Jaggery or use as required
  • ½ Cup Lemon Juice or as required


To make Roasted Cumin Powder

  • In a pan, add 2-3 tbsp of cumin seeds.
  • Dry roast on light heat till it gives aroma.
  • Take off from the flame, and keep to cool.
  • Once completely cool, grind to fine powder in coffee grinder or mixer grinder and store in an air tight container for further use.
  • In a blender jar, add 1 cup chilled water. You can add some crushed ice also along with it.
  • Add black pepper powder, cumin powder sugar, salt, ginger, lemon juice, mint leaves(dried and fresh).
  • You can add black salt here in this step or add later. I prefer to add later, depending on individual's preference.
  • Blender till ginger and fresh mint are fully blender with water and spices.
  • Add lemon sugar mix to glasses.
  • Add soda or water as preferred. Top with ice and serve immediately.


If making to serve later, do not add fresh mint leaves while blending. Before serving you can muddle some and add in glasses.
You can also add chaat masala for more tangy flavor. 
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Do try this Masala Lemonade/Masala Nimbu Soda. It is an instant relief from scorching summer heat. Serve it with snacks tandoori gobhi/cauliflower tikka, grilled vegetables, your favourite pizza(Whole Wheat Pizza) or even chips, nachos and salsa.

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  1. believe it or not, I got up today morning dreaming about nimbu masala soda ! altho commenting late here, its uncanny that I am seeing the recipe here.. so well presented, Swaty 🙂

  2. Masala lemonade sounds so refreshing summer delight ! all the different flavors going in is much interesting for me swaty, will make this version sometime 🙂

  3. The masala I had picked up in Delhi is all over so thanks a lot for the masala recipe. The masala limbu pani happens to be our favourite and we keep drinking it on a regular basis.
    I will make it without the soda for pani is at home else I have to plan and buy the soda.

  4. This looks so refreshing and inviting Swaty. I love masala lemonade with soda after heavy meal. Perfect quencher during Summers

  5. Love masala soda, but never made that masala from scratch. I would love to try this. Looks very refreshing and tempting and a perfect drink in this hot summer.

  6. Wow Swaty , masala nimbu soda looks amazing. Love this lemonade a lot, perfect juice for this hot summer. All the spices you added in it, surely tasted awesome.

  7. Masala lemonade looks so refreshing and delicious. Perfect to beat the heat in a healthy way. Who can say no to this chilled and mouthwatering drink. I would love to try it soon.

  8. Masala nimbu soda is a delicious summer cooler and thirst quencher.You post made me nostalgic and took me down the memory lane to my collage days when we used have it regularly. Home made is always healthy and the best.

  9. Oh my home made masala nimbu soda… have enjoyed it several times at a Punjabi restaurant in Juhu. Such a different, refreshing and delightful drink. Am sure my hubby will be happy if I try out this recipe.

  10. Masala lemonade is so delicious, the many different spices making it lovely and fragrant. It’s super refreshing on hot summer days. I make this often too, with chilled water and no soda.

    1. Thanks Priya!! We too usually make it without soda.. when friends come over or for afternoon summer party we make it with soda to serve to guests..

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