Melon and Basil Aguas Frescas

Melon and Basil Aguas Frescas/Cool Waters, refreshing summer drink, made with summer flavours.. Melons and Basil along with dash of lime juice.


Just think of how beautifully nature takes care of us . It gives us the fruits and vegetables that nourish the body as per the seasonal changes. In lot of my posts I have emphasized on about eating as per season, that’s what is passed to me from my elders in family. It’s officially summer in many parts of the world. When temperatures are soaring high, the heat just takes out the essential body fluids and salts and digestion goes for a toss. Summer season brings a lot of juicy and sweet fruits that keep the body hydrated and cool and active through the scorching heat.Melons, Mangoes, Litchis, Berries, Peaches etc. All fruits are juicy with maximum water content, rich in Vit. and minerals that replenish the body salts and give energy.

Melons and it’s benefits..

Melons are one such fruits that have high water content, have almost zero % fats and rich in essential minerals and low in sodium. These help in body retaining it’s fluid , help in weight loss, an immunity booster and keeps the cholesterol and blood sugar in control.

I and my hubby love chilled melons but the kids are not very fond of melons like muskmelon and cantaloupe. They like to eat watermelon but I always wonder why both of them do not like melons. I use melons in smoothies and fruit salads or we eat it just like that. Giving fruit juices to kids is one of the easiest and smartest way for Moms to feed fruits to kids. Blend the fruits with little or no water, and sugar if required chill and serve. Fruits popsicle and sorbet are another way that kids can have fresh natural fruits in a fun way. Shall be soon doing post on the same.

When kids come back from school serve them fruits in different ways , like in a smoothie, popsicle, fruit salads served in interesting ways and juices. This the kids do not get bore of having the same things again and again and also get something fresh and healthy to eat/drink.

This Monday’s theme  for my Facebook group Foodie Monday Blog Hop is #194 Summer Fruit Fest that was suggested by me. I have quite a few fruit recipes for muffins, quick breads , smoothies and salads on the blog that have summer fruits like Mangoes, Water Melons , Berries. I noticed that I do not have any on Melons. So decided to do the post on the Melon Cooler that I make for my kids.

Recently I had made Shikanji (Indian Lemonade) with basil leaves and we loved the addition of fresh basil leaves in it. I wanted to include that in my this week’s theme post but then as lemons are almost available throughout the year, I decided to combine the sweet melons and basil along with a little lime juice and made this refreshing sweet Melon and Basil Summer Cooler.

My family loves the flavour of Basil. Fresh Basil Pesto is something I make often for  pastas, sandwiches and pizza. Remember my Basil Pesto Paneer Tikka recipe!! and that bread recipe Basil Pesto Bread where I have used Basil pesto to flavour the bread.

Such of summer coolers where fresh fruit is blended with water, sugar and herbs like mint, thyme are known as Agua Frescas or Cool Waters or Sumer Water in Mexican. So perfect for Cinco De Mayo or hot summer afternoons. Another recipe for Agua Frescas on the blog.. Watermelon and Mint Summer Cooler. Make a batch and keep in refrigerator to chill, have it  whenever you come back home.



How to make Melon and Basil Melon Cooler

Making this refreshing agua fresca/ summer cooler is very easy.  Just wash, cut, peel, slice and blend the melon pieces in a blender with few basil leaves and lemon/lime juice. Add water and blender to smooth mix.  I do not add sugar to it as the melons  that I used were quite sweet. If you want you can add some sugar if the melons you are using are not sweet. Before serving chill it. You can add few pieces kiwi or strawberry to add some tangy taste to the cooler.

Melon and Basil Agua Fresca

Melon and Basil Agua Fresca/Cool Waters, a summery cooler drink, made with melon and basil, two of the summer flavours.. Melons and Basil along with dash of lime juice.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Appetizer, Beverage
Servings 4


  • 1/2 Muskmelon/Melon(any)
  • 4-5 Fresh Basil Leaves
  • 1 Lime/Lemon
  • Water as required


  • Wash, cut , peel and dice melon. 
  • Blender to a smooth mix in a blender with basil leaves, lime juice and water. Add sugar. natural sweetener if required,
  • Chill and serve.


  • In case you do not have basil or want to  add it, skip it or replace with Mint leaves, thyme leaves. But so not keep it overnight it can become bitter due to mint leave. Also do not add much of mint leaves , 4-5 are good.
  • In place of melons, add any other fruit of your choice that goes well the basil flavour.
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If you do not have time to munch fruits or have fussy kids, the make these kind of  drinks. Try to consume the natural food, ditch the synthetic drinks and take a step towards a more healthy and fresh eating.

Do try this Melon and Basil Summer Cooler/ Agua Fresca and let me know how you liked it with Basil!!If you do not want to add basil, add Mint leaves(not too much as it may get bitter) or thyme and rosemary for different and interesting combination of flavours.

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  1. This is such a refreshing combination, a perfect summer thirst quencher! I love basil in drinks too. And like you, I have a thing about pesto!

  2. Loved it Swaty. Sounds so refreshing and delicious. Loved the use of fresh Basil. Perfect for this scorching summer. Always made smoothie with muskmelon now I have one more recipe to try. Superb share.

  3. I am too a melon fan and the drink with fresh basil looks so refreshing. Beautiful colour as well.

  4. This looks like one refreshing drink to beat the heat. I love how you’ve added fresh basil to it. Basil makes any fresh juice taste so different.

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