Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera Recipe | Learn how to make refreshing Indian Summer drink Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera.. the original cold drink from India, for the hot and scorching summers. ‘Jal’ is Water and ‘Jeera’ is Cumin, Jal Jeera is basically cumin water with additional Indian spices and herbs to keep the body cool during summers. 

Jal Jeera

Indian summers are long, hot and dry especially in North India. These days many people have the luxury of staying in Air Conditioners at home, offices and even in some schools. But a lot of people have to be out in the killing heat for their daily wages or work. Come summers and you will see so many vendors/shops selling the Indian summer coolers like fresh fruit juices(Mousambi/Sweet Lime Juice), Lassi, Kulfi(Indian Frozen Dessert). One of the most cheapest and affordable  summers cooler that can be afforded by majority Jal Jeera. You can see every nook and corner of a busy commercial place with a Jal Jeera cart. The carts have big earthen pot filled with this refreshing drink, that quenches the thirst of many.There are many other natural summer coolers that Indian have been consuming to beat the heat and also to keep the digestive system on track in summers. Chass and Aam Panna are some of the Indian summer coolers on the blog and many more to come.

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Here I come with my healthy Jal Jeera recipe to celebrate the Earth Day!!! Natural coolers are one of the best ways to keep the heat away. Stay away from the synthetic and aerated drinks and walk towards the more clean and green environment.

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Jal Jeera .. One of the Best Summer Drink..

Jal Jeera is more than just Cumin Water. It is a mix of  Indian spices and herbs that not only keep the body cool but also aids in digestion. It is believed to be invented on the banks of River Ganga(Ganges) where people made the powdered masala on Sil-Batta(Grindstone) and stored in earthen pots. The drink is served with chilled and mostly before meals. It acts as an excellent appetizer. In many families which consume rich traditional food, Jal Jeera is a must have drink before their meals.

What is Jal Jeera made of..

The main ingredients of Jal Jeera are cumin(of course!!), fennel seeds, fresh ginger, black peppercorns(optional), amchur(dry mango powder), kala namak(black salt), tamarind pulp, fresh mint and coriander leaves. Just see how brilliantly the spices and herbs were chosen by our ancestors to make a nutritious, cooling and digestive drink, so perfect for the hot Indian summers.

The ingredients and the amount used can be different in different households and regions but the basic m recipe remains the same.

How to make Jal Jeera.. 

Traditionally it was made on sil-batta (grindstone) where people used to grind all the ingredients together with little water and finally mixed the paste in water and stored in earthen pots.But these days with the ease of blenders you can make it in just a few seconds. Put all the ingredients in blender with water and just blend. You can sieve the mix or have it just like that. I prefer not to sieve the mix as it also one of the ways to have fibre with the drink.

How to serve Jal Jeera..

Jal Jeera tastes best when it served chilled. If you are making to consume it right way, use chilled water and some ice cubes to blend the mixture. Or you can store in refrigerator in a glass jar, for 3-4 hrs or until chilled.

Chilled Jal Jeera with Boondi

To serve it, transfer into individual glasses, squeeze some lemon juice in it(half lemon per glass), adjust the salt as per your taste and enjoy the drink. Many people like to add boondi in Jal Jeera. Boondi is small round deep-fried chickpea snacks that are adding to chaats and raita.

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Points to make a perfect Glass of Jal Jeera ..

  • Use fresh Mint and Coriander/Cilantro Leaves. Discard the stem of Mint leaves, as these can make the drink bitter.
  • Too much mint and coriander also makes the drink bitter, use not more that 1/2 cup each for 4-5 glasses.
  • Add  tsp of sugar or jaggery if you feel the bitter taste.
  • Dry roast cumin seeds before using.
  • Use chilled water.
  • Try to finish t the same day, as again mint and cilantro can turn bitter if kept for long.

Let’s see how I make this delicious Indian Summer Cooler Jal Jeera

Chilled Jal Jeera with Boondi

Jal Jeera

Learn to make prefect Indian Summer Drink Jal Jeera. Made with fresh herbs like Mint leaves and Coriander Leaves with Indian spices that keep the body cool and aid in digestion. Jal Jeera recipe. 
Prep Time 5 mins
Course Appetizer, Beverage
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 Glasses


  • 12-15 Mint Leaves(Pudina)
  • Coriander/Cilantro Leaves(Dhaniya) handful
  • 1 tbsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1 tsp Fennel Seeds
  • 1 tsp Dry Mango Powder(Amchoor)
  • Black Salt as per taste
  • 1 tbsp Tamarind Concentrate or small piece of dry tamarind
  • 1/2 piece Lemon
  • 1/2" Ginger piece
  • Chilled Water


  • Wash Mint and Cilantro leaves, nicely so that dust particles are washed away.
  • In  a blender, add all the ingredients , along with water and blend till all the leaves are blended finely water.
  • Pour out into a jug or big bowl, squeeze some lemon juice  and keep it to chill for 1-2 hrs, or add ice cubes and enjoy the summery drink. Add some boondi while serving.
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Glass of Jal Jeera

So do make this Indian Summer Cooler, enjoy the chilled drink before the meals for a good digestion or just like that. It is believed to be one of the best cures for nay stomach and heat related problems. Jal Jeera Powder can also be made at home and used as and when required, shall soon update the recipe as a when I get the dried Mint leaves from store. I ran out of dried Mint leaves so not updating the post with Jal Jeera Powder recipe.

Make this drink and do give me your feedback.

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  1. I’ve always loved jal jeera made by my mom during summer days, though I never attempted to make myself. I would love to try this version. Also love your images and presentation.

  2. My favourite drink. I love the way it cools you down as you drink it. You can feel the trail of cooling. If you know what I mean… I know it takes longer for the liquid to travel but still.
    I love the pics and the use of corainder leaves is new to me. It will give an amazing flavor. Will try. Thanks.

  3. Who can deny to this flavourful jaljeera in this summer season. I have never tried Jal Jeera at home, I always bought from market, now I got a full proof recipe to try. So so refreshing share

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