Missi Roti(Chickpea Flour and Fresh Fenugreek leaves Flatbread)

Missi Roti

Missi Roti an Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour and chickpea flour(besan) and flavored with herbs and spices with added veggies like fenugreek or spinach. Usually, fresh fenugreek leaves are commonly added. My dad is a fan of Missi Roti and usually orders Missi roti along with other breads like naan or tandoori roti, whenever he dines out. Missi Roti made with besan or chickpea flour is also known as besani roti (my dad calls it with this name only). Missi Roti is very popular in Northern parts of India in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. This flatbread is usually made on chullha or a small earthen stove in villages or in tandoor (like naan and tandoori roti) on roadside dhabas and has a rustic appeal to it. Oh, I miss so much the roadside Dhabas of Punjab and Rajasthan where you can enjoy the fresh tandoor baked rotis, naan breads with your dhaba dals and curries. Also served at functions and parties where these are made on big tandoors to cater larger crowds.

Missi roti can be enjoyed with any of the dals, curries or vegetables. I love missi roti with my baigan ka bharta, sarson saag, palak paneer and simple aloo matar ki subzi(curried vegetable of potatoes and peas). It can be enjoyed as a breakfast item along with some pickle/chutney and hot cup of ginger tea(Adrakwali Chai). Check out my Aam aur Sirke ki Chutney(Raw Mango and Cranberry Chutney in Vinegar).

This flatbread is made with whole wheat flour and chickpea flour. The ratio of the two depends on the one’s choice. I usually take more of chickpea flour and less of wheat. My ratio of besan to whole wheat flour is 2:1. Finely chopped Fresh Fenugreek leaves added on to the flavor aroma, nutrition and of course to the color of the bread. Spices such as caraway seeds(ajwain), cumin seeds(jeera) add-on to the flavor and digestive properties of the rotis.

As per the nutritional value, these can be called healthy rotis/breads. Chickpea flour is good for people with high sugar levels. Fenugreek(Methi) leaves tough bitter in taste, are rich in iron and other minerals and vitamins. These are widely used for its medicinal benefits in diabetes, constipation and even kidney ailments and menstrual problems in females. These are also known to purify the blood. Check out the recipe of Methi Parantha(Fenugreek flatbread) here.

Let’s see how I make this easy simple and so full of flavors.. the Missi Roti!!

Missi Roti

  • Servings: 8
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Indian Flatbread made with Chickpea and Whole Wheat flour, flavored with Indian herbs and spices.Learn how to make Missi Roti


  • Chickpea Flour(Besan)- 1 Cup
  • Whole Wheat Flour-1/2 Cup
  • Finely Chopped Fresh Methi Leaves- 1 Cup
  • Chopped green Chillies-1-2 (optional)
  • Caraway Seeds(Ajwain)- 1/2 Tsp
  • Cumin Seeds(Jeera)- 1/2 Tsp
  • Red Chilli Powder- 1/2 Tsp
  • Turmeric Powder-1/4 Tsp
  • Salt- 1 Tsp or as per taste
  • Oil/Ghee – 1 Tsp


  1. Clean and wash Methi leaves. Chop the leaves and keep aside.
  2. In a bowl take chickpea flour, whole wheat flour and all the other ingredients except oil.
  3. Start kneading it with water. Keep it to rest for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Add a tsp of oil and again knead it again to a soft dough. Keep covered for 5 minutes. The dough is little sticky due to chickpea flour in it.
  5. Divide the dough into medium equal sized portions.
  6. Heat griddle or tawa.
  7. Roll out the dough portions like we roll chapatis. Refer the pics below. Don’t roll into very thin rotis or discs.
  8. Cook on the warm tawa from both sides. I have ceramic top electric range so I cook rotis on this mesh shown in the pic below. If you have gas-tops then you can also cook on the inverted pans, to give it the tandoori effect. Please refer to my Whole Wheat Naan recipe to check how to make flatbread on inverted pan.
  9. Once the roti is cooked from both sides put a dollop of butter😋 or ghee on it and enjoy hot with your favorite side dish.


These rotis taste best when hot and fresh. But you can make these ahead, wrap in a foil when cooled and reheat these in an oven for 2-3 minutes whenever required. Don’t re-heat these in microwave these can become too hard or soggy. So enjoy these with your loved ones. Kids too love these Missi rotis. You can serve these to them with their favorite ketchup, jam or yogurt/curd. Many add finely chopped onions also, but I usually skip these. In case fresh fenugreek leaves are not available then you can add dry fenugreek leaves(kasuri methi) or spinach leaves or even fresh coriander leaves. Both fresh and dry fenugreek leaves are available at Indian grocery stores. Also, black chickpea flour(Kale Chane ka aata) can also be used in place of chickpea flour(besan) a sit is much more nutritious and very good for people with high cholesterol and high sugar values.

Missi Roti with Baigan Ka Bharta

We enjoyed my Missi roti with baigan ka bharta( roasted eggplant made in onion-tomato masala with Indian spices) and some chass.  So what are you waiting for. next time whenever you want to enjoy some rustic meal or need a change from the usual chappatis or naan do try out these Missi Roti. Delicious and super healthy!!

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