Makkai Ki Roti(Cornmeal Indian Flatbread)

Makkai Ki Roti is one of the most popular Indian flatbread made with Makkai ka Atta( Cornmeal), famous complement with winter delicacy… Sarson Ka Saag(Mustard Greens). Winter food is incomplete if you haven’t made or had your share of ‘Makkai ki Roti aur Sarson Ka Saag‘.

Makkai ka atta(Cornmeal) is a gluten-free flour unlike regular wheat flour so it is difficult to knead and roll to make flatbread. Traditionally this roti(bread) is made with the palms of the hands together, but these days not everyone is as experienced as our grandmoms and moms. Nowadays most people make it by rolling the dough between polybag/ziplock so it holds shape and doesn’t break. Also many add besan(chickpeas flour) or wheat flour to it, so the rotis hold shape.

I remember very well, how my daadi (grandmom) kneaded the perfect dough and made the perfect makkai and rice flour(another gluten-free flour) rotis with hands without rolling and called it ‘Paani ke haath ki roti’, water is applied to palms while flattening the dough ball. She used to tell that the technique is in kneading the dough, which should be soft and kneaded well. I do try but till now can’t get the same. I use butter paper, to make these rotis, flatten the dough with hands, roll a little and then carefully transfer to the girdle or tawa.

Let’s get to making these rotis.


Makkai ka aata (Cornmeal)—– 2 cups( makes around 6-7 rotis)

Salt— very little

Lukewarm water for kneading


Sieve the flour and salt together.

Knead the flour into a soft dough using lukewarm water. Give it a rest of 5 minutes.



For making rotis, spread butter paper/parchment paper, dust some cornmeal on it,  take a portion of the dough, flatten it with your palm. Take a big portion as the rotis need to be little thick. Very thin rotis become had in a short time and are difficult to chew and digest.




Cover it with another butter paper and roll the dough with very light hands, or u can flatten it with your palm if the dough is soft enough and holds the shape.

Transfer the roti very carefully to girdle/tawa.


Cook on medium flame to a golden brown.


Put a generous dollop of butter or ghee on it( as generous as your diet allows!!) It best to have it with ghee/ butter that helps in digestion, since this flour is heavy on the stomach.

Enjoy with garam garam Sarson ka Saag!!

Boiled potatoes, coriander/ cilantro, grated radish or finely chopped fenugreek leaves are added to flour while kneading to get other variations that are, enjoyed with pickles like, chutney and yoghurt for breakfast or quick wholesome meal.

If you haven’t tried yet Makki ki roti that goes well not only with saag but also with other veggies and dals like Maa ki Daal, do try it now, little practice and some patience is needed:)….

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