Easy Steamed Rice in Instant Pot (Pot in Pot Method)

Steamed Rice cooked in Instant Pot with Pot in Pot Method. 

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Rice forms an important part of every day meal of all Indians. Dal Chawal(Dal Rice the ultimate comfort food for all of us. A simple and delicious meal that gets ready with few minutes.

Rice is also used in making Pulao, biryani or khichdi and many other rice based dishes like Idlis and dosa. The most popular form of rice that is eaten almost daily by masses in India or I may say Indian throughout the world is Steamed Rice. It is best paired with various dals or vegetables with curry like Aloo Tamatar or Aloo Matar(Potato curry with tomatoes and peas).

Now make your favourite Steamed Rice in Instant Pot with Pot in Pot method.

Steamed Rice is prepared in open pan on stove-tops with two different methods. Please refer to my post.. Steamed Rice, on how to cook Steamed Rice in open pan on gas stove. The same post covers the Microwave Method of cooking steamed rice. With the introduction of Instant Pot, steamed can now be cooked conveniently in Instant Pot and with PIP method cook steamed rice with your favourite dal/curry.

What is PIP Method..

Pot in Pot Method(shortened PIP) allows the food to cook in a separate bowl/container placed on the steam rack/ trivet. Steamed generated from the liquid below allows the food to cook and build pressure in the Instant Pot. The quantity of food that is cooked with PIP method in container is less than what you can cook in the inner pot. Will cover the details of PIP method in a seperate post shortly.

What I need(IP accessories) to cook Rice in Instant Pot with Pot in Pot Method..

A container/pan that if Instant Pot safe. I use these stackable steel containers(pls refer pic below) that fit in Instant Pot and are also perfect to cook rice/veggies for a family of four. You can use other Instant Pot friendly containers like Pyrex bowls. The container should preferably have a flat base/bottom, this ensures the rice is cooked uniformly in time. Round pans/bowls should be preferred over the square ones. Even your round cakes pans can be used for cooking.

A stand on which we place the rice pan/bowl. I prefer this stand instead of the trivet that we get with Instant pot, so that the bowl of rice doesn’t get submerged in Dal/curry cooking in inner pot.The lower trivet comes handy for taller pans and the high trivet or team rack is useful for cooking one pot meal combos.

Even while cooking only one dish with PIP method, never place the container directly at the bottom.

A lid to cover the rice container, but this optional.

Cooking Rice in Instant Pot with PIP method has it’s own advantages..

  • First it saves time. Two dishes can be prepared at a time.
  • It is mess-free. No spilling of water on the gas stoves.
  • No babysitting to look at the cooking time. Do the basic preparations, add food containers, set the time and finish the other chores, go out for walk or shopping, and come back home to a well cooked warm meal.

How to get perfect steamed rice in Instant Pot with Pot In Pot Method.. 

To get the perfect steamed rice with separate grains (khila khila chawal that we call it in Hindi), it is very necessary to soak rice at least 15-20 minutes before cooking.

Add right amount of water in rice. With less water rice grains are cooked and with more water rice becomes very mushy.

You can add few drops of oil, so that the rice grains don’t stick together.

I use Basmati Rice, (Royal Basmati Rice) that we pick from Costco store, it takes 5 minutes to cook Rice on Pressure Cook Mode. (minus the time IP takes to come to pressure).

Pair Rice with Dal/Lentil or curry that has almost the same cooking time as Rice. Few Rice and Dal/Lentils combinations that I cook  in PIP method and shall be updating gradually..Rice is Basmati Rice here that I use for my everyday cooking..

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–Rice with Toor/Arhar Dal

–Rice with Dhuli Masoor(Red Lentils),

–Rice with Dhuli Urad (Split Black Lentils skinned)

–Rice with Dal Palak(Moong lentils and Spinach)

–Rice with Aloo Matar

-Rice with Sambhar and  many more..

Let’s see how I cook Steamed Rice in Instant Pot with PIP method..

Steamed Rice in Instant Pot with Pot in Pot Method(PIP)

Cook your favourite Steamed Rice in Instant Pot with POT In POT Method with your favourite dal or curry. Pot in Pot Method to cook Steamed Rice in Instant Pot.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4


  • 1 Cup Basmati Rice
  • 1.5 Cup Water
  • Oil(few drops) optional
  • Salt as required optional


  • Wash rice properly in running tap water. Soak Rice in enough water for 15-20 minutes.
  • In the Instant Pot inner pot, add and prepare dal/lentils that has to be cooked with rice,  with PIP metod.
  • Place the clean steam rack/stand/trivet in the pot. The level of the trivet/stand should be above the curry or dal.
  • Transfer the soaked rice in the Instant Pot safe container in which your are cooking rice. 
  • Add water, this depends on the quality of rice that you use, also on how long you have soaked rice. If you want, add few drops of oil. 
  • Place the container on the trivet/stand. Cover it optional.
  • CLose the lid, and switch on the PRESSURE COOK mode on. Set the time to 5 minutes.
  • Once the rice cook time is over, the timer goes off, release the pressure manually, Quick Release Pressure(QRP).
  • Check for the doneness of rice. Fuff rice lightly with spoon or fork.
  • Serve hot with Dal/Curry.


Enough liquid should be there in the inner pot to cook steamed rice with PIP metod. Dal and Curry based dishes are best combinations to cook steamed rice with PIP metod.
When cooking rice without any dal or curry, always add 1 cup water to the inner pan, and place the rice container on the trivet/stand.
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So, do try this way of making steamed rice with PIP method, if you haven’t tried yet. It will surely shorten the cooking time, and you can spend more time  with kids or on other chores, without worrying about the spilled liquid or over cooked food and the great thing is that a full wholesome meal is ready in a short time.

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