Eggless Tiramisu Mousse

Instant and Easy Eggless Tiramisu Mousse Recipe without Eggs and Gelatin

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eggless tirmisu mousse

Eggless Tiramisu can be prepared with easily available ingredients in your pantry and takes just a few minutes. All you need is some patience, while the dessert sits in refrigerator for chilling time!!

Make this Traditional Classic dessert in most simplest way but with the same creaminess, light texture and flavor. If you are like me who loves Instant desserts and recipes especially when planning a party, this is a perfect dessert recipe that your can make in bulk.

I like to make light mousse with different flavors as these are made in very less time and are crowd pleaser.  I keep it gelatin-free and egg-free due to our dietary preferences. Checkout Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse, Mango Mousse with Instant Pudding Powder or these Chocolate Tarts with Ferrero Rocher Mousse

What is Tiramisu

Tiramisu is classic Italian coffee flavored dessert that is made with Ladyfingers/Savoiardi biscuits dipped in coffee at bottom layered with whipped mix of mascarpone cheese with eggs, sugar and cocoa or coffee. Now a days you can see so many different variations of this Italian dessert.

Ladyfingers are Italian egg based sweet sponge biscuits. These are used as sponge elements of desserts like Tiramisu, trifles and fruit based gateaux.

For my Indian readers who are new to baking, do not confuse, Ladyfingers with bhindi or okra, as this is popularly known in India with the same name 😉 .

Tiramisu Mousse-Eggless

Instant Eggless Tiramisu Mousse

Instant, Eggless Tiramisu Mousse, is a perfect dessert for those who avoid eggs in there diet especially due to religious reasons or due to egg allergies. I too don’t like eggs especially raw eggs in desserts. Not that I don’t eat eggs or any religious reasons, but I do not enjoy the desserts with eggs. Also, quick and eggless variations desserts make it easy to make for a big batch for parties and get togethers.

Set Tiramisu Mousse in individual shot glasses or in a big serving bowl. Layer it with ladyfingers, cookies or serve it without cookies, it is upto you. I layered it with coffee dipped Nila Wafers.

If you are feeling down with the current situation around you, make this easy peasy dessert to cheer up the spirits of those around you.

My teenage daughter loves this mild coffee flavored dessert as she gets to eat it occasionally, not very often. She loved it as I made this after a long time. Made this a few months back when she had get together with her friends at our place. A perfect dessert treat for your teen’s parties or your potlucks.

I do not serve it to my son, as I he is just 8 yrs old and I have not introduced him coffee to him due to caffeine not even in cakes and desserts. I avoid adding coffee to cakes, brownies and  He is like me and my daughter, who likes the aroma of coffee and gets tempted to try. My hubby is a chai person but he too likes this coffee flavored dessert, as he has sweet tooth and can’t say No to anything sweet!! :).

My son enjoyed a small portion of Chocolate Mousse that I made for layering in my coffee flavored Mousse.

Love For Coffee

I love coffee!! not that I am a coffee person, I want my morning cup of adrakwali chai(ginger tea) . But any other time of day(not everyday), especially when I want to have ME Time, all I need is a cup of hot coffee with some light music and a good book!!!

Coffee after Tea is one of the most popular beverage, served hot or cold all of us have a way to enjoy it. Flavor of coffee is so peculiar especially when used in desserts it can make or break the taste of it. Right balance is very important, as it tastes bitter when not used in balanced amount.

Love for Coffee, is the theme in Foodies Bloghop Facebook group. Sasmita who blogs at First Timer Cook suggested all the participating members to cook something using Coffee.

Beautifully aesthetically taken pics, traditional dishes from Odisha Cuisine are a must check , in Sasmita’s space. She made these gorgeous and inviting Egg-Free Panna Cotta.

For the theme I decided to make Classic Indian Style Cold Coffee or our beaten Coffee(Hot) but then since  morning it was raining here, there was nip in air and my my throat was a bit sore. Rajeev too didn’t wanted to have something cold. Dropped the idea of Cold Coffee and was about to make Hot Hand beaten Coffee Indian style, when my daughter suggested why not make this dessert today. And so here I am with Easy Chocolate Tiramisu Mousse!! Soon will post Classic Indian Style Cold Coffee.

What I need to make Easy Chocolate Tiramisu Mousse

I usually make Quick egg free and gelatin free Mousse with mascarpone cheese(Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse). But today, I didn’t had it and due to the current situation, we are not going out quite often. So I made these with whatever ingredients I had in my pantry.

All we need is Whipped Cream, White Chocolate(or Chips), Milk Chocolate(or Chips), Instant Coffee, Milk and Vanilla Essence.

I layered the mousse glasses with coffee soaked Nila Wafers, you can use any cookies of your choice, like Marie, pieces of ladyfingers or even cake.

Making Chocolate Mousse is optional, you can skip it and keep it only Coffee Flavored Mousse.

Method to make Eggless Tiramisu Mousse

Make Whipped Cream– Beat heavy cream in a bowl to soft peaks.

Melt Both Chocolates in separate bowls- Melt white chocolate chips in microwave for about 1 mins.. White Chocolate melts at low temperature. Let it sit for a while, and then mix it well. Keep aside and let it cool.

Similarly melt semi-sweet or milk choco-chips, it takes about 2 mins in microwave.

Or melt in double boiler. Take a dry bowl and make sure water droplets don’t seep in chocolate else it with become grainy/seize.

Keep aside and let it cool.

Dissolve coffee in hot water or milk. I prefer milk, mixes easily with whipped cream and chocolate.

Let it cool completely then mix coffee mix with whipped cream. Fold lightly.

Finally fold chocolate mixes in whipped cream. Fold with light hands. Do not overbeat/mix.

For assembling, you can layer any cookies, brownies, cake pieces or even ladyfinger pieces on the base of serving glasses/bowls or shot glasses.

Soak in coffee mix. then layer coffee flavored white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse over it and then again repeat if you want.

Dust with chocolate powder or chocolate shavings.

Eggless Tiramisu Mousse Recipe

Tiramisu Mousse-Eggless

Eggless Tiramisu Mousse

Learn how to make Easy and Quick Instant Tiramisu Mousse without Eggs and Gelatin | Easy Tiramisu Recipe no gelatin no eggs no alcohol
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Prep Time 20 mins
Course Desserts
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 portions


  • Whisk
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Spatula


  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream
  • 1 Cup White Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Cup Semi Sweet Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 2 tbsp Instant Coffee
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • t tsp Vanilla Essence


  • Mix coffee in ½ Cup hot milk/water. Set aside to cool.
  • Whip cream to soft peaks. Refrigerate till further use. You can use store bought Whipped Cream.
  • Melt white chocolate chips in microwave for about 1 mins.. White Chocolate melts at low temperature. Let it sit for a while, and then mix it well. Keep aside and let it cool.
  • Similarly melt semi-sweet or milk choco-chips, it takes about 2 mins in microwave.
  • Or melt in double boiler. Take a dry bowl and make sure water droplets don't seep in chocolate else it with become grainy/seize.
  • Take out whipped cream from refrigerator, mix about 3-4 tbsp of milk coffee mix in whipped cream and fold lightly. Add more coffee in milk if you want strong coffee flavor.
  • Add half of the whipped cream mixture and fold in White Chocolate ganache, and other half with milk chocolate ganache.
  • Transfer to pipping bags or zip lock bags.
  • Layer biscuits, cookies, cake or sponge that you want to use. Soak in coffee mix. use a spoon.
  • Pipe Coffee Mousse and then Chocolate Mousse.
  • Add more layers of there is more space in your bowl/glass.
  • Dust more cocoa powder or chocolate powder or chocolate shavings.
  • Chilli and serve.
  • You can layer dessert in a square or rectangular dish for a big batch.
  • Makes about 4 shot glass portion. To make a big batch adjust the ingredients as required.



Chocolate Mousse is optional, you can skip making it and make all of coffee mousse.
To make Coffee-free (kids' friendly) Mousse, skip coffee milk mix, from it.
Keyword Eggless Tiramisu Mousse

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Do try this Mock Tiramisu Mousse as I will like to call it, as it not the original Tiramisu or Mousse recipe, without any eggs and gelatin.

Very easy and quick to make and you can also make it one-two days ahead of serving for your parties.

Some other easy eggless and quick dessert recipes– Fruit CustardCustard Triffle, Strawberry Cream, White Chocolate Pudding

Whenever you make easy peasy Tiramisu Mousse, do give me your feedback in comments. You can post your feedback with the pic on my FB page or tag me on Instagram(#foodtrails25).  Pin the recipe for later use.

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