Mix Veg. Raita


Mix Veg. Raita is a flavorful combination of mixed salad veggies in thick beaten curd/ yogurt flavored with roasted cumin powder and chaat masala. It is served as a side to pulao, biryanis or paranthas and goes well even with stuffed kulchas. Fresh mint leaves add more freshness to it.

There is no specific measurements for the raita, add veggies as per your preference. I add finely chopped cucumber, tomato, onions, carrots. I ran out of coriander leaves, so didn’t add to it. You can add a tbsp of finely chopped coriander. I prefer to add grated carrots to raita.

This is how I make it.


Thick Yogurt/Curd–1 cup

Cucumber–1 small

Onion– 1-2 Tbsp(finely chopped)

Tomato–1-2 Tbsp(finely chopped)

Carrot–1-2 Tbsp (grated/finely chopped)

Fresh Mint Leaves — 3-4

Finely chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves

Roasted cumin powder–1 Tsp

Chaat Masala– 1 Tsp

Sugar– ½-1 Tsp

Salt or Black Salt(Kala Namak) to taste


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In a bowl beat yogurt/curd, add cumin powder, chaat masala, sugar and salt. Add all the veggies and crushed mint leaves, add little water if you want to adjust the consistency.

Mix well and chill before serving with your favorite biryani, pulao or any of the meals.

Make this refreshing yogurt preparation as appetizer or side dish with your meals. I love to have this raita in summers if I don’t feel like having anything. You can make this when you are fasting, add sendha namak to it, omit onions and add veggies as per your preference.


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