A-Z Biryani/Pulao/Rice recipes

A-Z Biryani/Pulao/Rice recipes

A-Z Briyai/Pulao Rice Recipes

A-Z Biryani/Pulao/Rice recipes is a collection of 30 recipes of Briyani, Pulao and Khichdi recipe, mostly prepared with rice. A compilation of dishes that I cooked for Mega Marathon Event.

April was a busy month as regards to Blogging. I participated in the Mega Marathon ’19 hosted by Srivalli.

Mega Marathon is an event where few bloggers get together and everyday cook dishes based on the theme. This April’19 the theme was ‘Biryani/Rice/Pulao’  with at least one grain included. This was my first time for in Mega Marathon and I had fun doing all the dishes for the theme though I had a busy month doing dishes in the alphabetical order of A-Z .

The collection has exotic Biryanis that you can cook on special occasions and festivals, everyday and easy Pulao recipes that can be used for quick and easy meal ideas or conveniently packed in lunch boxes or for your parties. Also, there is a collection of simple and easy Khichdi recipes for light quick and easy meal option.

All the recipes use fresh ingredients and use minimum of oil/desi ghee except 1 or 2. I also have tried to include both the Instant-pot and Stove-top versions of the dishes as much as possible. Also, also the dishes are cooked under 30 minutes. One pot meals for busy mornings that can be packed in lunchboxes or served at your parties and get-togethers.

Most of the recipes are One-Pot Meals , Gluten-free and I have also  given tips on how to make it suitable for Vegans.

Here is my collection of (26) A-Z Biryani/Pulao/Rice recipes  

Day 1. A.. Aloo Matar Ki Tehri

Tehri or Tahri, is a one pot meal made with rice and vegetables cooked in aromatic Indian whole spices with desi ghee/mustard oil. A popular rice preparation with vegetables from Uttar Pradesh.

Aloo Matar Ki Tehri

Day 2.  B..Broccoli Mushroom Pulao 

One pot, gluten-free and easy to prepare meal, made with rice, mushrooms and broccoli. A simple yet flavorful meal  for broccoli and mushroom lovers, that comes together in just 15 minutes.

Broccoli Mushroom Pulao

Day 3 . C..Chana Dal Khichdi

Chana Dal Khichdi a protein rich delicious meal made with Chana Dal and Rice in Indian Spices.It is a popular North Indian recipe that has lot of variations depending upon region to region. Chana Dal has got it’s own peculiar flavour that imparts a rustic taste to this dish.

Chana Dal Kichdi

Day 4. D..Dhaniya Pulao

Dhaniya Pulao, a flavorful rice preparation with fresh cilantro/coriander(dhaniya) paste, whole spices and vegetables/nuts .A one pot meal that comes together in few minutes and can be served with any yogurt/curd  preparation.

Dhaniya Pulao

Day 5. E.. Easy Steamed Rice in Instant Pot with Pot in Pot Method

Steamed Rice cooked in Instant Pot with Pot in Pot Method with Dal of your choice. 

Easy Steamed Rice in Instant Pot

Day 6. F.. Fresh Mint and Peas Pulao

Fresh Mint Leaves and Peas Pulao is rice cooked in fresh mint leaves, aromatic Indian whole spices, with or without vegetables and nuts like cashews or almonds. A one pot meal that is ready under 30 minutes. 

Fresh Mint and Green Peas Pulao

Day 7. G.. Gatte Ka Pulao

Rajasthani Special Gatte ka Pulao also known as Ram Pulao, is rice preparation where  aromatic basmati rice is cooked with besan gatte(steamed and then fried gram flour dumplings) in Indian spices. No onion no garlic recipe. Stove-top Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot Method included.

Gatte Ka Pulao

Day 8. H.. Hari Moong Dal Khichdi

Hari Moong Dal Khichdi, also known as Chilka Moong Dal Khichdi is a one pot Satvik meal(no-onion no-garlic) that is free from heavy spices and masala or oil. Detox and weight loss recipe.Hari Moong Dal Khichdi

Day 9. I.. Iyengar Puliyogare(Instant)

Puliyogare..South Indian Tamarind Rice is also known as Puliogare or Puliyodharai in different states.Tamarind rice from the Iyengar community from South India is very famous. It is prepared on special and festive occasions to offer to God as Prasad.

Iyengar Style Puliyogare

Day 10. J.. Jeera Rice

Flavorful and simple Jeera Rice,cooked  in Desi Ghee with Cumin and aromatic Indian Spices. Learn how to make Jeera rice in Instant Pot and Stove top Pressure Cooker Method.

Jeera Rice

Day 11. K.. Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri Pulao, a rich Pulao recipe from the beautiful state of Kashmir (India).  A flavorful rice preparation where, cooked rice is tossed with nuts/dry fruits and fresh fruits.It is also infused with saffron milk for the flavor and beautiful color.

Kashmiri Pulao

Day 12. L.. Lucknowi Veg. Dum Biryani

One of the most popular and flavorful rice preparation.. Lucknowi Veg. Dum Biryani from the Land of Nawabs!! Make for your special occasions and get-togethers , and get all the praises from everyone. No fail recipe. 

Day 13. M.. Mixed Veg Pulao

A mild spicy but flavorful Rice Pulao dish, that can be made in jiffy with limited vegetables. It is good to go with any raita, plain yogurt or even green chutney. Pack for picnics, potlucks and is definitely a party pleaser. There are very minimum spices used in this Pulao so it is definitely kids friendly and a good lunch box meal option.

Mix Veg. Pulao(Instant Pot)

Day 14. N.. No-Onion No-Garlic Kadhai Paneer Pulao

No Onion No Garlic Kadhai Paneer Pulao is a easy and nutritious recipe with Paneer and Bell Peppers,flavored with Kadhai Masala. A quick and delicious option for lunchbox or busy weekday dinner.You can make it for festivals also like Ganesh Chathurthi for family and friends, for no-onion no-garlic options. 


Day 15. O.. Oats and Moong Dal Khichdi

Combination of fibrous oats and protein rich Split Yellow Moong Lentils for a simple,healthy and comforting meal.Healthy Oats Khichdi is ideal for those on who are on low cholesterol  and low sugar diets. Easy and no fuss khichdi recipe for the times when we want to have something light, filling and healthy too!! Add vegetables like carrots, peas and tomatoes to it and make it more nutritious.

Oats and Moong Dal Khichdi

Day 16. P.. Pearl Pulao

Pearl Pulao/Pilaf .. A delectable Rice Pulao with soft deep-fried, Paneer balls decorated with edible silver, adorn the flavorful rice cooked in Indian spices. A no-onion no-garlic recipe that is cooked especially on festivals.

Pearl/Moti Pulao

Day 17. Q..Quinoa Pulao

Nutritious Pulao with quinoa and mixed vegetables. One pot, gluten-free and vegan meal for quick meals or lunchboxes.

Quinoa Pulao

Day 18. R.. Rajasthani Kabuli(Jodhpuri Pulao)

Rajasthani Kabuli or Jodhpuri Pulao comes from the Royal Kitchens of Jodhpur (Rajasthan). An elaborate and wholesome pulao prepared with dry fruits, vegetables and fresh fruits. What sets Kabuli Pulao from other rice preparations is fried bread slices and pomegranate on top of the rice when it is served.

Jodhpuri Kabuli

Day 19. S.. Spicy Chilli Garlic and Bell Pepper Rice

Spicy Chilli Garlic and Bell Pepper Rice with hot fiery chilli chutney, garlic and crunchy bell peppers. Serve with Veg. Manchurian or enjoy it as it is.. 

Spicy Chilli Garlic and Bell Pepper Rice

Day 20. T.. Tomato and Basil Rice

Tomato Rice with Basil, a flavorful twist on your favourite Spicy Tomato Rice with corn and fresh basil. A good way to use leftover rice. Kids friendly recipe for lunchboxes or light and quick meals.

Day 22. V. Vegetable Biryani in Instant Pot

 Cook your favourite Vegetable Biryani in Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker within 30 minutes. Easy and quick recipe for busy times..

Vegetable Biryani in Instant Pot

Day 23. W. Walnut and Cranberry Rice

Easy to make onepot meal with Omega rich Walnuts and antioxidant rich sweet and tangy cranberries and a bold garlic flavour. Try this different rice with your favourite soup and stir-fried broccoli.

Walnut and Cranberry Rice

Day 24. Vermicelli Pulao

Vermicelli Pulao is a one pot nutritious meal, with the goodness of made with the vermicelli noodles(Sevai/Jave) and mixed vegetables.Pack for kids lunch boxes (it stays fresh for at least 4-5 hrs in Thermos Flask), make for weekend breakfast or for quick dinner.

Vermicelli Pulao

Day 25. Yellow Moong Dal Khichdi

Yellow Moong Dal Khichdi a one pot simple meal with split yellow moong beans and rice. Creamy, soft, light on stomach with detoxifying properties!!

Yellow Moong Dal Khichdi

Day 26. Zarda Rice

Zarda Rice is a rich sweet rice preparation with Nuts and Raisins flavored with aromatic Spices, Saffron and Orange peels.

Zarda Rice


Hope you like the collection and it will be of great help to you when confused about what to cook for everyday meal, for kids lunchbox or for your parties.

Do give me your feedback on how you liked the collection and do let me know what other recipes would you like to see on the blog.

Give your feedback how you liked and if you have any queries do write to me.

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  1. Beautiful roundup Swati and Congratulations on completing your first mega BM. I can understand the feeling completely. All your recipes were lip-smacking delicious .

  2. Beautiful round up , and glad you had fun doing this marathon . We guys are totally hooked on to these and wait to do them .
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  3. Excellent roundup Swati and I loved reading through all of the dishes you made for this series. Picking up to do AtoZ is a challenge and you have managed it so well! All the clicks were done excellently, very nice!

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