Aam Rass


Aam Rass is nothing but flavored fresh mango puree/pulp that is traditionally served with Pooris(fried puffed up Indian flatbreads). When there is mango season, I often make it, my kids love it and we have not only with pooris but also with Paranthas or as a dessert after meals. It is a no fuss, no-cook recipe that takes just a couple of seconds to make. Whenever I get fresh Methi leaves, I make Methi Paranthas and have it with Aam Rass when there are fresh mangoes. Fresh Mango pieces pureed in little milk, with added sugar and some flavors like cardamom and saffron to enhance its taste. Many add snooth or dry ginger powder to it. You can make a big batch of Aam Rass freeze it and use as and when required. It stays good for months. You can use this pulp for making mango ice cream, mango custard, mango mousse, mango lassi or mango shake and many other mango puree based desserts or dishes!!

Let’s see how I make it..


Fresh Ripe Mangoes–5-6

Sugar–as per the sweetness of mangoes and your taste

Milk–1/2 cup

Green Cardamon– 1-2(take out the seeds)

Saffron Strands–3-4


Please refer to the pics at the end of instructions, click or move the cursor on the images for caption

Chop mangoes. Discard the peel.

Put in a blender with sugar, cardamom, saffron and milk.

Thickness of Aam Rass can be adjusted as per your liking. We like it thick if you want it thinner add little more milk. Take care not to make it very thin.

Chill it for a couple of hours before serving or if you are serving it immediately, blend with some ice cubes.

Make ajwain pooris to go with it, even paranthas or stuffed kulchas, all go well it.

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