Eggless 3 minute 4 Mug Cakes

Eggless 3 minute 4 Mug Cakes recipe in minutes for anytime sweet cravings

Eggless 3 Minute 4 Mug Cakes


Check out the video of how to make Mug Cakes in Microwave, made by my Kids!! CLICK HERE

Mug cakes need no introduction. Super easy and so quick to make!! No more extra mixing bowls, spatula or whisk to wash. No worries for sunken center or burnt top!! Simple pleasure of life for those who want a quick fix your sweet cravings.

Here I bring you not one but 4 Mug Cake recipes, that not only you will be happy to make but a fun thing for kids also to make. Anytime treat to pamper not only your loved ones but also yourself too!!

If you have kids at home, you know about their anytime hunger pangs. Living all by yourself, need a late night sweet snack!! or just like that want to a sweet!! Want to enjoy your piece of cake without sweating in kitchen!! These cute Mug Cakes fit all the above options.

I call these 3 min. Cakes as if you have all ingredients ready it takes almost 3 mins from start to finish to make these.

Such recipes come handy for quick fixes or when you don’t want to switch on the oven. Or, you don’t have an oven!!

My kids like to make these by themselves. It’s fun for them adding different flavors or toppings of your choice. As a mom I don’t need to worry about their sugar intake or too much of maida/all purpose flour. We use healthy flour like whole wheat flour and raw sugar to make it. And moreover I keep a keep on the amount of sweet treats they have in a day! And once in a while treating yourself to sweet indulgences is just fine!! Don’t you agree ?? 🙂  And no no we don’t make it daily or often. Only when that are in a mood to have some fun in kitchen.

Eggless Funfetti Mug Cake

Cooking with Kids

Little Chefs is the theme for this Monday Foodie Bloghop group. This theme was suggested by Priya from The Girl Next Door, where suggested we bring recipes that even kids can make it with minimal adult supervision. I loved the recipe that she posted for the theme.. a no cook Raw Mango and Lentil Salad which even kids can prepare if you have all ingredients ready for them.. Try serving Idlis to your toddlers and kids in funway like her.. Cocktail Idli Flowers 

There are many recipes on the blog where you can engage kids in kitchen. I strongly believe that each one of us should know the basics of cooking. Teaching kids how to cook should not come to them as forceful task but something which they start to learn with fun. And why only cooking, they should be taught to help out in daily chores too!! Engage them with you and compliment them when they do something even if it is not perfect. These small things will help them to build up their confidence and in a way small step towards being self reliant.

Other kids friendly recipes which your can get kids engaged with you or they can make on their own with some supervision..

Carrot and Cucumber Mini Sandwich Bites,Strawberry Milkshake, Nutella and Banana Shake, Lemon and Basil Shikanjavi//Lemonade, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Mando Thandai Lassi, Date and Figs Rice Krispy, Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Mascarpone Cheese, Custard Trifle and many more..
Eggless Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake

What we need to make Mug Cakes

Mug cakes are the name given to quick and instant way of making mini cake in microwave. You can use any microwave safe mug or even bowl.

Supervise kids while they are using microwave.

Set the microwave Power to HIGH.

Preferably use Mug of 12 Oz or 350 ml. As the cake batter rises up while microwaving. Fill mug or the bowl to half.

Keep your ingredients handy and ready before making cakes.

These taste best when made fresh and warm, but you can always, store in an airtight container and refrigerate for 2-3 days.

Eggless Choco Chip Mug Cake

4 ways to make Mug Cake

You can play around with flavors and other add other ingredients to make mug cakes. This post I am covering 4 simple ways which are a favourite among most of of us.

The common ingredients we need here are–

Flour– I use Whole Wheat Flour(WWF). You can use All purpose flour also, but I avoid it as it does not have any nutritional value.

Sweetener– I have used Jaggery powder in Brownie Mug cake and Choco Chips Mug Cake, and Organic Cane Sugar in Funfetti cake and Apple Cake. You can use brown sugar in place of jaggery powder, or even castor sugar.

Fat– I use melted butter, you can use olive or any plant based flavorless oil like rice bran oil.

Leavening Agent– Baking Powder is used for cake rising.

Liquid- Milk binds flour and keeps the cake moist.

Essence- Vanilla or any other flavor that you want to use.


Basic Process, is to mix flour, baking powder and sugar together. Then comes the liquid part. Mix butter/oil, mix and essence(if using). Mix all. Add nuts, choco chips or fruits whatever you are using.

Microwave for about 1 min 15 sec. In some microwave it may take about 2 mins. Start with the the mentioned time and if you feel the center is gooey, cook for another 15 sec. It should not take more than 2 mins. After that cake will become dry and hard.


Funfetti Mug Cake-– Add Sprinkles/Funfetti mix in batter. Then sprinkle more on top.

Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake— Add cinnamon powder in flour. Then add finely chopped apple pieces in batter. Top with thin apple slices(optional).

Choco Chips Mug Cake– Add Choco chips in batter and then sprinkle more on top. You can add brown sugar also in place of jaggery powder.

Walnut Brownie Mug Cake– Add Cocoa powder with flour. Mix finely chopped walnuts in batter and sprinkle on top.

Walnut Brownie Mug Cake

But what if we need to make it in oven or don’t have microwave?? Scroll below.. answer is just after the recipe card..

Eggless 3 Minute 4 Mug Cakes

Eggless 3 Minute 4 Mug Cakes

Quick and easy Mug cakes
5 from 12 votes
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 2 mins
Course cakes, snacks
Servings 1 Mug each


  • Microwave
  • Microwave safe Mugs
  • Spatula
  • Mixing Spoons


Common Ingredients(For 1 Mug Cake)

  • ¼ Cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • ½ tsp Baking Powder
  • 2 tbsp Sugar(Jaggery Powder/Raw Cane Sugar) Castor Sugar(optional)
  • 2 tbsp Melted Butter/Oil
  • ¼ Cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Funfetti Mug Cake

  • 2 tbsp Funfetti/Sprinkles

Choco Chips Mug Cake

  • 2 tbsp Choco Chips

Walnut Brownie Mug Cake

  • 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder
  • 1 tbsp Finely Chopped Walnuts

Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake

  • 2 tbsp Finely Chopped Apple pieces
  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon Powder
  • Thinly sliced apples(optional)


  • Brush mug with butter/oil.
  • Add flour and baking powder. Check instructions below for different mug cakes.
  • Mix lightly.
  • Add sweetener(jaggery powder/raw cane sugar).
  • Add melted butter or oil, vanilla essence and milk.
  • Mix well and add nuts, choco chips or finely chopped fruits as required.
  • Microwave for about 1 min 15 sec to 2 mins.
  • Enjoy topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce or just like that.

Funfetti Mug Cake

  • Add sprinkle/funfetti mix in batter after adding milk. Mix and then sprinkle more on top.

Choco Chips Mug Cake

  • Add choco chips and mix in batter after adding milk. Mix and then sprinkle more on top.
  • Add jaggery powder or brown sugar in flour mix.

Walnut Brownie Mug Cake

  • Add Cocoa Powder along with flour and baking powder. Mix well.
  • Add jaggery powder/brown sugar, vanilla essence, butter and milk. Mix well.
  • Add finely chopped walnuts and lightly mix again.

Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake

  • Add cinnamon powder with flour and baking powder.
  • Add castor sugar or raw cane sugar, before adding milk. Mix well.
  • Add apple pieces and mix. Top with thinly sliced apples.



In Walnut Brownie and Choco Chips Mug Cake I have used jaggery Powder. You can use brown sugar/castor sugar or any other sweetener.
In Funfetti and Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake, added raw cane sugar you can add brown sugar/jaggery powder. Color will be a bit dark.
In place of Whole Wheat flour you can use all purpose flour(APF).
When using APF add little less milk about (3 tbsp)
For Vegan Mug Cakes, add plant based milk  and oil. Skip butter and dairy milk.
Keyword Cooking in Microwave, kids delight

So do try these fun Mug Cakes once in while these are nice treats for kids and on the healthier side too, with Whole Wheat Flour and Raw Sugars. Kids can also make it themselves with little supervision.

The best part these are in calculated portions and even you can indulge in guilt free treats once in a while.

Hope you will like the video also made with so much love and fun by my kids!! Do subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more such videos of easy, quick and fun to make recipes!!

What if I don’t have microwave or it is not working.. Can I still use the same recipe of microwave cake and bake in oven?

Yes you can use the same recipe with little tweak, and bake for about 15 mins. in oven, as baking takes longer time. Will cover detailed recipe soon in another post.

For this add 1/4 tsp of baking soda and make buttermilk. For that, add 1 tsp of vinegar to 1/4 cup of milk, and follow the same process. Be sure to use an oven safe bowl or mug. Bake in a preheated oven for about 12-15 mins at 350F or 180C.


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  1. Nice low-key way to start a birthday! Turned out great, and my 3 year old loved the whole process. Used all purpose flour, reduced the milk as directed, and added sprinkles to great effect 🙂 Went ahead and did 2 minutes because I know my microwave is on the weak side, and it was perfect. Note: it took like 20 min to cool, so budget enough time.

    1. Thanks for trying out and glad to know that your kid loved it.. I will update the cooling time for the mug cakes in post. Much Thanks for pointing out that.

    1. Hello!! Yes you can use baking soda.. just add 1/2 tsp of vinegar or lemon juice ,to ensure soft and fluffy cake and it rises also well .

  2. I am definitely trying this and sharing this with my son. He would love to make this and just in 3 mins, it is real fun. All of the 4 are a favourite and looks absolutely yum

  3. Swaty although all are looking super delicious, still will pick 1st the apple one. With the kids making these mug cakes are really so fun, it seems you all had a lovely baking time 🙂

  4. omg, thts a loot….I am confused which mug I should grab, I am loving that chocolate one a lot.. amazing post. thanks for all the recipes dear 🙂

  5. I just loved all 4 mug cakes Swaty, they looks super yummy and delicious. Surely kids will love to have this in the same way love to prepare it. Awesome recipe Swaty👌

  6. 4 types of mug cakes with one basic recipe, amazing. Loved it Swaty. Not only perfect for kids but also perfect for my sweet craving. Saving it to try. Awesome share.

  7. These Mug cakes in different flavours is a fabulous treat to all sweet lovers. It is so good to inculcate in kids to cook and clean. This will definitely help them when they grow up. I am sure you enjoyed making these with your kids.

  8. Mug cakes are so easy and if you carve something sweet can make them quickly. Love the different variations of the mug cake you have made and all looks so delicious and tempting. My kids will finish this in no time.

  9. Each one of these mug cakes looks so pretty and so much fun! Love that these can be made, practically, in a few minutes’ time. Would love to try these out with the bub, but I don’t have a microwave oven. Can these be prepared in an OTG too?

  10. Swaty I too believe that kids should be taught cooking and how to clean the house. These are life skills and there is no shame in doing these chores as they are as important as going to school or work. Love the four different mug cake ideas. Will have to try baking them in the conventional oven as I don’t have a microwave oven.

    1. Thank you Mayuriji!! Also, Totally agree with you on your advice on how engage kids with us..Do try the cakes, will wait for your feedback.

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