Instant Almond Rabri


Rabri, a milk-based dessert, made traditionally by cooking milk over low flame for 2-3 hrs until it is reduced to a thick creamy consistency, almost to 1/4  of the original volume!!! Garnished with nuts, it is relished as the main dessert either chilled or hot and when paired with other desserts give altogether a new meaning to it!!

My family loves to pair and relish chilled Rabri with garam garam Gulab Jamuns, Gajar Halwa, Jalebis. Malpus, Rasmalai, Shahi Tukdka and many more desserts are just incomplete with a bowl of chilled Rabri.

The traditional way of cooking many Indian desserts like Rabri, and many other food items takes a lot of time, these days due to time constraints, everyone wants to have the same authentic taste and flavour in food without spending too much time in cooking. Instant Rabri is the rescuer for those times. It can be made with simple ingredients available in home, like milk powder, almonds/almond-meal(flour), cottage cheese/chenna or khoya,

Whenever there is some Gajar Halwa, Gulab Jamuns resting in my fridge there is a demand of Rabri in the house. I made this version of Instant Rabri using Almond meal, Homemade Khoya/ Mawa from Ricotta cheese. Ready within 30 minutes, it just needs some chilling time.

So, let’s get to the making of Instant Almond Rabri.


Milk—- 500 ml,

Almond Meal*—-1/3 cup

Khoya—-3/4 cup

Sugar— as per requirement,

Cardamom Powder/ Kewra / Rosewater – (optional)

Saffron Infused Milk—2-3 tbsp

*In case you don’t have almond meal, soak 50gms of almonds in lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes or microwave it so that the skin becomes soft and peels off easily, grind into a paste and add to the boiling milk.


Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan. When the first boil comes, lower the flame and keep boiling it for another 10 minutes. It will start to reduce a little.

Add in Almond meal, stir well, let the milk boil for 2-3 minutes.

Add khoya mix well and let it cook for another 10 minutes. Milk will thicken to a creamy consistency. Keep on scraping the sides of the pan.

Add sugar, mix and stir well. Be careful that milk doesn’t get burnt at the bottom. Switch off the flame.


Transfer to a serving bowl and let it cool completely before refrigerating it.

Garnish with nuts of your choice and enjoy this sinful dessert the way you like it!!


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