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Happy New 2019 to all of you!! Time for new hopes, new beginnings.2018 had been a great year, both on the personal front and blogging front too. I complete 1 Yr of my blog this month on 12th. I am thankful to all my followers and readers who have been there with me since the beginning of my journey and to all those who take out time to read my posts and share their feedback. For my first blog anniversary I have something interesting coming up, so stay in touch and keep visiting!!

It has been a journey of constant learning, making new friends through the blogging world and sharing my experiences. When I see my earlier post I realize how much better I am getting each day. My writing, my pictures, content, has improved a lot and I am working constantly to add more value to my posts.

In 2018 my first year of blogging I did a total of 145 posts. I know there should have been more but then trip to India during summers, long-awaited Disney vacation and then sometimes I just went on too easy or off track to post. But from past 2-3 months, I have been regular with my posts, reading a lot on how to improve my pics and way of writing and making my content more interesting for my readers.

Towards the end of the year in the last quarter, I became part of a few blogging groups where I met some wonderful bloggers and since then there no looking back.

Groups that I became a part of..

  • A-Z Recipe Challange;
  • FoodieMondayBlogHop;
  • Blogging Marathon
  • Bake-A-Thon

Hoping to join more groups and doing more events as these bring new challenges and keeps you motivated to share good and interesting.

I am happy to share my favourite posts with you. Though all the posts are a result of the hard work that goes in, these are my favourite in the way as some recipes are closer to my heart, some were the top posts on various blogging sites like Indiblogger,  for some I got a lot of appreciation from the readers on social media(Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest). Here I present you my favourite posts from the year 2018..

Here’s my favourite of 2018..

Mixed Nut and Gur Chikki.. My first post on the blog.

Mix Nut Chikki

Classic Brownies

Classic Brownies

Dilliwale Chole Bhature

Chilli Paneer

Aloo Poha Cutlets

Aloo Poha Cutlets

Whole Wheat Tawa Naan(Yeast-free Naan Bread cooked on stove-top

Dal Makhani with Yeast-free Whole Wheat Naan

Chocolate Fudge with Mixed Nuts

Chocolate Fudge with nuts

Layered Dark and White Chocolate Kalakand

Fudgy Almond Chocolate Cake

Whole Wheat Beetroot Sliders/Mini Burger Buns

img_8059_ezy watermark_05-12-2018_05-41-13pm

Rajasthani Pyaaz Ki Kachori

img_6793_ezy watermark_11-11-2018_09-48-43pm

Tawa Pulao

Tawa Pulao

Crinkle Cookies

Dahi Bhalle/Vade

 Kale and Spinach Saag with Paneer Koftas

Kale and spinach saag

Cajun Potatoes

I am sharing my Best of 2018 with Srivalli of Cooking4allseasons  for her Best of the Year 2018 roundup event.

For the year 2019 I hope that by the end of the year, I buy myself an independent domain, get acquainted with new aspects of blogging and photography. I know I am getting better and better with each new day!! I am surely going to lots of more posts with lots of variations from healthy stuff to fun stuff and suited for all.  Hoping I will get more appreciation for my work from you all and my work adds value to your life in some or the other way!!

Thanks for being there!!

Once again, Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2019!!

Author: Swati

Some who believes 'EAT WELL, READ DAILY, TRAVEL OFTEN AND LAUGH KHUL KE'!!! Hi!! Swati here!!! Chef, Chocolatier, food admirer, reader, love to travel, listen to music, Bollywood and shoot nature and food pics!! Welcome to my Foodtrails and join me in my food adventure!!

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  1. Swati, it’s been a pleasure knowing you and reading your wonderful posts and pretty clicks. Nice to read on what you have achieved in your first year of blogging. Congrats and wishes for many more.

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