Matar Ki Ghugni/Green Peas Stir-fry

Hare Matar ki Ghugni a simple and quick green peas stir-fry in Indian spices with or without potatoes

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Hare Matar Ki Ghugni

Winters are the best time to enjoy fresh green peas. Seasonal fresh Sweet Peas or English Peas have a sweet taste and Ghugni is one of the best ways to relish this!!

Peas are rich in protein and antioxidants. Although known as starchy vegetables, these are rich in fiber and low in calorie. Many people avoid having peas as these are known to cause bloating. Elders back home always stressed on eating fresh seasonal peas , as per them it doesn’t cause much of bloating and especially when cooked properly in spices without using much oil.

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What is Hare Matar Ki Ghugni

U.P style Matar Ki Ghugni is a protein rich snack that is eaten for breakfast or for evening snack with tea. Chilly winters and a bowl of hot freshly made Ghugni/Ghugri is ultimate comfort food and a winter warmer!

Fresh green peas sautéed in Indian spices with or without tomatoes. Many like to add potatoes to it too. It is very popular Northern India especially in Uttar Pradesh, where fresh green are available in abundance. 

Ghugni is so popular in the state that each household has it’s own version to it. It is basically a no-onion, no-garlic recipe, but many add some garlic to it. These is a recipe of Ghugni with fresh seasonal garlic but since I don’t get it here, can do it right now. Shall update it later whenever I get fresh peas and green garlic together! Apart from green peas, Ghugni is also prepared with Kala Chana(Black Chickpeas) Kala Chana Ghugni, Safed Matar/Vatana(White/Yellow Peas).

The Secret Challenge

This month’s Challenge in our Facebook group Shh Cooking Secretly took us to Uttar Pradesh where all the participating bloggers have to cook dishes from the state using two ingredients given to us by our partner. This month my partner is talented Sasmita, who is from Orrisa and has a wonderful collection traditional dishes from Oriya Cuisine. Check out her blog First Timer Cook for the easy doable recipes and stunning photographs.

She gave Mustard Oil and Amchoor powder and I gave her Mustard Oil and Coriander Powder. She prepared this delicious Matar Ka Nimona, a winter favourite made with fresh green peas.

Since I was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh I have a lot of collection of vegetarian dishes from my native state. I had stock of fresh green peas from Traders Joe’s so decided to make our favourite Ghugni!

Uttar Pradesh Cuisine

Uttar Pradesh has rich heritage when it comes to culture, people and food. Cuisine of U.P is divided into  3 zones.. Awadhi/ Mughlai, Eastern U. P and Western U.P. For many the knowledge of food from U.P is from  the Mughlai and Awadhi dishes(Shahi Paneer Kofta curry), Kebabs and Biryanis from Lucknow and it’s surrounding areas or dishes rustic dishes from the Banaras region(Dal ki Dhulhan/Dhulha). Western part of U.P has mix of dishes from all the state and also has influence from nearby states of Haryana(majority of vegetarian dishes and desserts), Delhi(Chole Bhature) and Bihar(like Aloo Chokha). It is an amalgamation of wonderful vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Famous breads from the region are mostly made with Whole Wheat..  Chapatis, Ajwain Parantha, Dal ke Paranthe(made with Chana Dal), Poori, Naan, Roomali Roti and Dal Kachoris made with Urad Dal and Matar/Peas Kachori in winters. Due to the rice  and maize growing belt in western U.P rice flour  and Makkai ka atta(maize flour)is also used for chapatis known as Paani Ke haath ki Roti. My grandmom used to make perfect chapatis with rice flour that we  relished with dal or any vegetables like Lauki Ki Subzi or her signature Karele ki Subzi. Besani Roti /Missi Roti  made with Chickpea flour is also liked by many is prepared on special occasions like marriage party dinners.

Bhatua or  is one of the winter green along with Sarson ka Saag and Methi(fresh fenugreek leaves), radish and turnips  and green peas popular winter vegetables.

Among many, few of the vegetarian dishes from Uttar Pradesh, here on the blog are.. Dal Tadka, Bedmi Poori, Rassewale Aloo Tamatar or Doobkiwale Aloo, Kaddu ki Khatti Meethi Subzi,Sookhi Urad Dal, Kadhi Pakodi, Moradabadi Dal Chaat, Aloo Matar ki Tehri, Namkeen Jave,  Bharwan Karela,Makarsankaranti Special Chilka Urad Dal Khichdi , Moti Pulao(vegetarian version) and many more to come.

Among the desserts is Kalakand and it’s different versions, Meethe Jave(Sweet Vermicelli)Atte ke Pue, Mathura Ke Pede, Murmura Ladoo, Til Patti, Makhane Ki Kheer, Zarda Rice, GujiyaChenna Burfi, Gajar Ka Halwa, Kaulfi served with Falooda, and Khurchan a lesser known sweet from Khurja a small town in near Aligarh. Agra ka Petha from Agra is a famous sweet made from pumpkin.

Other popular recipes are various Chaat Recipes like Golgappe, Desi Ghee ki Aloo Tikki, Dahi Gujiya  a stuffed version of Dahi Bhalle/Vade, Papdi Chaat Aloo Chana Tacos is a fusion recipe that has the flavors of Aloo Chana Chaat.

And how can we forget the Banarasi Paan that has not become internationally popular as a mouth freshener with flavourful digestive spices after heavy meals.

Among  the drinks Roohafza in water or milk or lassi is a popular summer drink along with Jal Jeera and Shikanjavi( Desi Lemonade) . Thandai made with nuts and aromatic spices is another popular drink for summers and Holi time.

Cooking with Green Peas

I making full use of fresh green peas and cooking a lot my favourite dishes with it, like this Methi Matar Malai. Frozen peas though available all round the year but you can’t beat the taste of fresh seasonal produce!

Green Peas

Few of my favourite dishes  with peas that are on the blog.. curries like Aloo Matar, Matar Paneer, Matar Mushroom Masala stews Matar Ka Nimona, adding with veggies like seasonal carrots stir fry (Aloo Gajar Methi ki Subzi), cauliflower(Aloo Gobhi), or in rice preparations like Aloo Matar Ki Tehri, Vegetable Pulao, Fresh Green Peas and Mint Pulao , Lucknowi Vegetable Dum Biryani.

Matar ki Kachoris/Parantha is another delicious preparation with green peas and are specially relished during winters!

How to make Hare Matar Ki Ghugni/Ghugri

Video Recipe Link–>CLICK HERE

Ingredients for Matar ki Ghugni

Peas preferably fresh are used, but you can always make it with frozen ones also. Adding potatoes is personal choice. Add small cubed potato pieces when adding potatoes so that they cook fast along with peas.

For Ghugni, peas are stir-fried in spices, but many like to add a tomato to it. I usually add pureed tomato but his time I skipped it. This version of Kala Chana Ghugni on the blog is with tomatoes.

Ingredients for Matar ki Ghugni


How to make Hare Matar ki Ghugri

Don’t use lot of spices in making Ghugni as the real taste of fresh is somewhat gets lost then. You can add garlic also, but I prefer only ginger with green chilies. Chilies in the dish can be adjusted as per your heat tolerance.

Sarson ka Tail/Mustard Oil imparts a rustic taste to the dish. You can use any other oil of choice like olive, canola or rice bran.

I add peas to hot water just for a minute, so that the peas soften a bit and are quickly cooked. You can cook Ghugni in open pan/kadhai or in pressure cooker to save time. Pressure cook it to only 1 whistle and do not add lots of water, just sufficient not to burn  peas at bottom.

To start, heat oil in pan till smoking point(only when using mustard oil), let it cool a bit and then add cumin seeds. When seeds crackle, add ginger and green chilli paste. Sauté it for a minute. Add spices(coriander powder, red chilli powder and salt). Mix and then add peas. Sauté for a minute, add about 2-3 tbsp. of water, cover a cook for 5 minutes till the peas are soft.

Using frozen peas for Ghugni

Frozen peas can be used for making Ghugni, but the taste will definitely will be a bit different. Also, Frozen peas take less time to cook, so take care that it peas don’t get too mushy.

Hare Matar Ki Ghugni

Hare Matar Ki Ghugni

Hare Matar ki Ghugni or Green Peas Ghugni/Ghugri recipe. Simple and easy to make fresh green peas preparation in Indian spices for breakfast or evening snack.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Breakfast, Evening Snacks, snacks
Cuisine Indian, Uttar Pradesh


  • Cup Green Peas/Hare Matar(preferably fresh) can also use frozen
  • Ginger piece small(1")
  • 1-2 Green Chilies(optional) use as per heat tolerance
  • 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1 tsp Coriander Powder
  • 1 tsp Amchoor/Dry Mango Powder optional
  • ½ tsp Red Chilli Powder or as required
  • 1-2 tbsp Sarson ka Tail/Mustard Oil
  • Salt to taste


  • In a pan boil water. Add shelled and washed fresh peas. Keep for 1-2 minutes. Do not boil peas .
  • Drain water and keep peas aside. When using frozen peas skip this step.
  • In a pan heat oil till smoking point. Cool a bit and then cumin seeds. When using other plant based oil do not heat till smoking point.
  • When seeds crackle, add ginger and green chilli paste. Sauté for few seconds then add coriander powder, amchoor powder, red chilli powder and salt.
  • Add peas then mix well. Add 2-3 tbsp of water, cover the pan with lid and cook for about 5 minutes on medium flame. Peas should be soft not mushy.
  • Serve hot with dash of lemon juice or just like that!

Pressure Cooker Method for Ghugni

  • Pressure cook it to only 1 whistle and do not add lots of water, just sufficient not to burn  peas at bottom.



In place of amchur powder, add 1 pureed or finely chopped tomato. Add tomato after adding ginger green chilli paste. 
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Matar ki Ghugni

Do make this simple and easy to make Matar ki Ghugni for snack time. Kids love this especially when made with fresh green peas.

An easy sandwich recipe with Matar Ghugni. Spread some ketchup/green chutney on bread slices. Add Ghugni as filling, grill the sandwich . It can be packed for kids lunch box. Make it as  side with dal chawal or Ajwain parantha.

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  1. Matar ki ghugni looks mouthwatering Swaty. I can imagine the spicy tangy taste. I would love to have it bowlful with some lemon juice. Can’t wait to try.

  2. I love matar but not a very huge fan. My mom makes it often in the same style for my brother and he enjoys it with roti. I use to be like why matar again :D. But now sometimes I crave for this dish. You made me nostalgic Swati. your version of ghugni looks super tempting.

  3. Yummy, this fresh peas ghugni looks very welcoming, tempting and wish I could grab the bowl. I would love to enjoy it on its own… definitely going to make it soon as a snack.

  4. The ghugni looks so delicious and tempting! I’d love to try this out – considering green peas is one of my most favourite winter veggies to cook with. The ghugni would taste heavenly with some hot rotis or parathas, I’m sure. 🙂

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