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Holi the festival of colors is here..Still thinking what to plan for Holi Menu.Here is collection of festive recipes from the blog to help you plan Holi get-together!!

Namkeen and Appetizers/Snacks for Holi..

Poha Chivda..

Sweet and savory snack made by roasting flattened rice flakes(Poha) in very little or no oil along with added nuts like peanuts, cashew nuts and raisins.PohaChivda

Makhana Namkeen 

Makhana Namkeen, a healthy mix of roasted makhana(fox nut/lotus seeds ) with nuts like cashew nuts, raisins. Gluten-free, suitable for vegans.

Fox Nut Trail Mix

Aloo Poha Cutlets

Crispy Aloo Poha cutlets are a quick and easy anytime snack recipe made from boiled potatoes and poha(flattened rice). A favorite among the kids, easy breakfast option and an ideal party snack or starter.

Aloo Poha Cutlets

Chana Dal and Yam Kebabs

Chana Dal Kebabs are yummy, healthy made with Split Chickpea Lentil and Yam (Chana Dal and Suran/Jimikand) are vegan, gluten-free and cooked in minimum oil.

Chana Dal and Yam Kebabs

Basil Paneer Pesto Tikka

Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese, Bell Peppers and Onions marinated fresh Basil Pesto and grilled. An Italian twist on our favourite Paneer Tikka. Basil Pesto Paneer Tikka


Tandoori Gobhi / Cauliflower Tikka

Grilled Gobhi/Cauliflower marinated in Indian Tandoori flavors. A spicy and delicious starters to kick start your party!

Tandoori Gobhi

Rajma Aur Palak ki Tikki

Rajma and Palak Tikki (Red Kidney Beans and Spinach Cutlets) , gluten-free and vegan, with pan fried and air-fired versions.

Red Kidney Beans Cutlets

Instant Khaman Dhokla

Instant Khaman Dhokla, served chilled with chutneys make a light and delicious snack or starter.

Chaat for Holi.. 

Dahi Bhalle/Vade

A Holi special in every region. Urad Dal deep fried dumplings soaked in sweet yogurt, topped with sweet and spicy chutney.

Dahi Bhalle


Papdi Katoris to serve Chaat

Serve Papdi Chaat in style in these cute edible katori baked and fried version included.

Edible Papdi Katoris


Aloo Chana Taco..

Enjoy the Papadi Chaat in Taco shell…

Aloo Chana Tacos

Main Course Dishes

Rice Dishes.. Rice dishes are always filling and can be made ahead.. Two easy and flavorful Pulao you are surely going to love..

Tawa Pulao

A spicy treat of cooked rice with veggies in butter and Pav Bhaji masala. Mumbai’s another favourite street food after Pav Bhaji and Vada Pav. Wholesome and delicious. Learn how to make Mumbai’s famous Tawa Pulao .

Tawa Pulao

Palak Aur Kabuli Chane Ka Pulao..

Palak and Chole Pulao is super healthy and yummy one pot meal, with Kabuli Chana/Chickpeas

Palak Aur Kabuli Chane Ka Pulao

Rajasthani Gatte Ka Pulao

Spicy flavourful treat of Gatte  ka Pulao. Gatte are steamed and then pan fried chickpea dumpling. Make this pilaf and serve with chilled Boondi Raita.

Gatte Ka Pulao

Dal Baati Churma

Royal meal from Rajasthan, Dal Baati and Churma, served with spicy Rajasthani Lehsun Ki Chutney and Chass. Baatis can be made in bulk very quickly and ahead of 2-3 party. Ghee dipped baatis served crushed in Panchratna Dal make a crowd pleasing.

Thali of Dal Baati and Choorma


Dilliwale Chole Bhature..

North India’s special Chole Bhature..A must have on any festive occasion..
Chole Bhature

Rajasthani Pyaz Ki Kachori…

Traditional Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachori to make a filling festive meal!! Pyaz Ki Kachori served with the traditional Rajasthani Kadhi..A real festive meal!!Rajasthani Pyaz Ki Kachori

Pav Bhaji..

Make Pav bhaji, Mumbai’s most loved street food. The ease of making and serving when busy makes it a perfect festive treat!!

Desserts.. Desserts are an integral part of any festival..Easy and Traditional desserts for this festive season!!

Rajasthani Mawa Kachoris..

Another traditional royal  dish from Rajasthan.. Perfect to serve at the Holi or any festive time.

Mawa Kachoris

Chawal Ki Kheer..

Everyone’s favourite Chawal Ki Kheer/Rice Pudding, will make the perfect festive dessert

Rice Kheer(Indian version)

Besan Halwa..

Besan Halwa, simple and delicious dessert ..make this delicious dessert  when running short of time!!

Holi special Mawa Gujiya..

A must make on Holi,mawa gujiyas, filled with mawa(evaporated milk solids) and nuts, dipped in sugar syrup and rolled in coconut..

Gujjiyas For Holi

Badam Gur Phirni

Chilled Phirni with goodness of almonds and sweetened with jaggery, make a delicious after meal dessert treat. Serve in beautiful shot glasses or in clay phirini bowls/diyas.

Badam Gur Ki Phirni

Cool Beverages

To beat the tiredness and cool down the body

Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera.. the original cold drink from India, for the hot and scorching summers. ‘Jal’ is Water and ‘Jeera’ is Cumin, Jal Jeera is basically cumin water with additional Indian spices and herbs to keep the body cool during summers

Glass of Jal Jeera

Mango Thandai Lassi

Thandai is an integral part of Holi. Why not add a twist and make this chilled Thandi Lassi with Mango(you can use canned puree) to wash out all the tiredness and cool down the body!

Mango Thandai Lassi

Basil Shikanjavi

Give a flavorful twist to your desi Shikanjavi or Nimbu Paani. Add fresh Basil Leaves for a chilled refreshing treat.

I have selected a few handful of recipes in each category . Hope you find the collection useful. There are many more dishes on the blog, which can help you decide the menu for your Holi special Meal. Lookout for the Festivals category in search.

Have a very Happy festive season. Enjoy Holi, festivities and good food with your loved ones.. Cook, Eat, Celebrate..

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  1. What an exquisite array of dishes for holi, they all sound so delicious. I particularly like some of your Indian fusion dishes.

  2. Wow.. what a spread for Holi festival.. Mouth watering dishes. This year I did not make anything special for Holi.

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